Empowerment, one cup at a time.

Empowering you to
choose tea blends that compliment your goals and desires.

Our goal is to create blends that compliment your lifestyle goals. From wellness to energy blends, whatever you are feeling, we have a tea for that.

you to make environmentally conscious decisions.

Our new pyramid bags are made from unbleached biodegradable materials. All tea packaging is made from recycled materials using 75% less waste than conventional manufacturing. Whenever possible, our team makes the effort to reduce our carbon footprint by hiring local businesses to support our co-packing, blending, and product manufacturing needs.

Empowering women through our Charitea Program.

From shelters to startups, a portion of proceeds from every purchase supports programs that are dedicated to women’s empowerment. To date, we've contributed over $40k in product and financial support.

Learn more about our Charitea Program here & the difference every purchase makes.

Empowering folks who support our supply chain.

Our tea packers source from the top 10% grade of tea gardens around the globe that are sustainably managed and are a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership. The ETP is a not for profit organization that exists to improve tea sustainability, the lives and livelihoods of tea workers and smallholder farmers, and the environment in which tea is produced.


Empowering our team to embrace the future of work, today.

From retreats to attending professional and personal development events, our team enables each other to create our own working hours and environment that compliments our lifestyle and work-life balance goals. Our team is highly supported for our own side hustles or intrapreneurial pursuits.

Our Story

Established in 2013, blending teas out of her condo in Toronto while working a full-time job, Tease truly began as a side hustle and creative outlet for our CEO and Founder, Sheena Brady. Today, Tease continues to grow out of our head quarters in Ottawa, Canada while serving customers in over 30 countries.

Our teas.
Unadulterated. All natural. Ethically-sourced. We take pride in working with local tea packers whom source from the top 10% grade of sustainable tea gardens around the globe. All of our teas are GMO, wheat, and dairy-free.  

Our promise.
We believe in a holistic approach to our teas. From sourcing to final delivery, we do everything we can to ensure all of our teas are sustainably sourced, our packaging is made of recyclable materials, and a portion of our proceeds goes to support the empowerment of women around the world.

sheena brady

What is a tease?

To us, being a tease means confidently leaving your mark. To inspire and empower yourself and those around you, leaving them wanting more.