how refills & subscriptions work

step 1

Purchase and enjoy your favourite tease blends in our full packaging format

step 2

When your packaging is empty, purchase our compostable refill pouches

step 3

Optional: Select Subscribe & Save on refills and never run out! Simply select "Subscribe & Save" for any product.

      Meet the world's first fully biodegradable & refillable tea collection.

      We love beautiful packaging but hate throwing it out, so we created an alternative: paper based, insta-worthy packaging that you can refill again and again.

      Our refill pouches are made from natural plant starch. They break down readily in a composting system while not producing any toxic material during their decomposition. Save $8 when you refill.

      what's in your cup?

      • 100% biodegradable, plant-based tea bags
      • Whole leaf, natural ingredients
      • No micro-plastics, chemicals, or bleaches
      • No artificial flavours or ingredients
      • Pyramid shaped tea bags that allow for a deeper infusion
      subscribe & save

      Your tea refills delivered straight to your door on your schedule! Save 40% off when you Subscribe & Save. Pause, skip, or cancel any time.

      Select Subscribe & Save today.