Yerba Mate Bombilla (Herbal Tea Straw)-Tease Tea
Yerba Mate Bombilla (Herbal Tea Straw)-Tease Tea
Yerba Mate Bombilla (Herbal Tea Straw)-Tease Tea

Yerba Mate Bombilla (Herbal Tea Straw)

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Introducing our new signature yerba mate bombilla or drinking straw from Argentina. The perfect companion for our yerba mate tea, and herbal teas

  • Made with stainless steel.
  • Can be used with any loose teas as well
  • Comes with cleaning brush!

We believe that anyone serious about their herbal tea should consider acquiring a bombilla.
Our passion for bombillas is backed up by our valued customers and our belief that everyone should have access to this wonderful tool. 

This ancient device is clearly the most healthful, sustainable, convenient, and effective method devised for sipping herbal tea preparations.

When herbs are left to float unrestricted in hot water they release more of the important nutrients and antioxidants.

Product Details 

  • 1 Stainless Steel 21 cm long Yerba Mate Bombilla Drinking Straw.

  • Includes 1 Bombilla Cleaning Pipet Brush.

  • Bombilla Filter screws off to make cleanup easy!

  • Our bombilla is designed to act as a pressurized extraction filter for your yerba mate tea.

  • Crafted with high quality, tension tested, stainless steel. Includes a aesthetically pleasing bead in the middle of the handle that makes the straw easy to hold without burning yourself as you drink mate and herbal blends


Investing in Women.

Every cup of Tease Tea is filled with more than just ethically sourced, good-for-you ingredients. Each product you invest in is also an investment in opportunities and support for women all across the globe through our social mission of empowering women owned businesses.

To date we have contributed & raised over $100k to elevate underrepresented women owned  & led businesses gain access to funding and mentorship through our Founders Fund program.

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