Triple Teatox (Evening program)-blended green tea-Tease Tea
Triple Teatox (Evening program)
Triple Teatox (Evening program)

Triple Teatox (Evening program)

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Trying to fortify your health & wellness goals? Let's work some magic from the inside out! This blend of East African green tea, ginger, liquorice root, senna leaf & lemongrass acts as a triple threat to aid in cleansing your digestive system and reduce bloating. This tea is sold separately though also a part of our popular Triple Teatox Program

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Antioxidant rich decaf green tea, lemongrass, senna leaf, ginger. Caffeine Free.

Have you checkout out our Triple Teatox program? 

The Triple Teatox 15 & 30 Day detox program is specially blended by our Tea Sommelier to help you feel your best from the inside out. It's time to get rid of the toxins that your body is holding onto and allow it to function at its best, boost the metabolism, and have natural energy levels every day.

40g makes up to 20 cups of tea

80g makes up to 40 cups of tea


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