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Crime of Passion
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Papaya pieces, sunflower petals and criminally exotic passion fruit notes infused with luxurious sencha style green tea. 

50g resealable bag = up to 25 cups of tea

100g collectable tin = up to 50 cups of tea

Japanese sencha style green tea, papaya pieces, sunflower petals, notes of passionfruit 

We love this tea sweetened with a hint of honey. This blend is also satisfying iced, especially when you add a touch of apple juice for a natural sweetness & acidity. 

Did you know papaya's are loaded with vitamin A & E? Combined with antioxidant rich green tea, this brew will not only make you fantasize about taking the next plane out to Rio, it is also the perfect immune booster (which is important when maintaining good health while sipping on Caipirinha's on Brazil's best beaches).

Crime of Passion has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 9 reviews.


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