silicone gourd yerba mate
silicone gourd yerba mate
silicone gourd yerba mate

Silicone Gourd for Yerba Mate + Herbal Tea

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The most practical and efficient way to drink Yerba Mate traditionally (with a gourd and bombilla). Inspired from the classic Argentine Yerba Mate Calabash, this stylish and modernized mate gourd allows to enjoy all the benefits of drinking mate in a stylish and simplified way!

Ergonomic design, perfect to carry around, simple to use and easy to clean. 

  • Modern, easy to clean design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Flexible and unbreakable

Comes with a stainless steel spoon bombilla (filter straw).

Designed by our friends over at Mateina.

Buy two of any tea blend, and the third is free! Simply add three of the same tea blend to your cart to see qualifying discount at checkout. (Discount will automatically apply, you must add three of the same tea, mixing teas does not qualify.)

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