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November 26th, 2018: Tease Tea Live at Happy On Mondays

Happy On Mondays is a community of happy people that meet to inspire the world to be passionate about their work. They believe that the world would be a better place if everyone was doing what they love the most. Everyone deserves to be the best version of themselves and to do something that feels meaningful. Happy on Mondays is about igniting that spark that we all have inside us!
Be ready to experience the Happy on Mondays experience! Come kick-start your week with a dose of inspiration, positivity and high energy! Are you unhappy on Mondays? Have you lost your inner spark?

Be inspired by people that chose to become the best version of themselves and do what they are passionate about. Learn how these speakers forged their own path to happiness.They offer a mix of coaching and speaker series throughout the year.
To learn more and attend their upcoming event CLICK HERE.