June Tease of the Month Reveal

Looking to up your tea game?  Perhaps learn a few tips and tricks or even try something new? Our Tease of the Month subscription based program is the perfect fit for you!

Chat with us! Let us know a bit about yourself and your taste and we will personally ship you 3-4 different blends each month, right to your door! To say thank you, we always email you a thank you along with a gift card supporting another small business to your hand packed order.

Every month we feature different blends to ensure you have an opportunity to build your office or at-home tea collection so make room in those cabinets!

June’s Features:

 To The Finish Lime – Lemon infused yerba mate is blended with air-dried lime pieces and hints of green tea making this triple threat the ultimate energy, focus and immune system booster.

 Sencha Secrets – This high quality Japanese Sencha green tea is perfect for those who like their tea pure and without any flavorings. Enjoy this sweet and grassy blend while you dream of the gardens it came from.

*limited edition, only for Tease of the Month Subscribers!

 Tongue Thai’d –  A caffeine free Thai inspired blend of red rooibos, lemongrass, ginger and Thai lemon that is sure to leave you speechless.

Special Gift:




- tease team