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April Reveal: Tease of the Month Club


Tease of the Month

Looking to up your tea game? Perhaps learn a few tips and tricks or even try something new? Our Tease of the Month subscription based program is the perfect fit for you! 

Chat with us! Let us know a bit about yourself and your taste and we will personally ship you 3-4 different blends each month, right to your door! To say thank you, we always incorporate a small gift to your hand packed order.

Every month we feature different blends to ensure you have an opportunity to build your office or at-home tea collection so make room in those cabinets!


April’s Features:

Skinny in the City – Yerba Mate, a long known popular beverage amongst South Americans, has been said to increase your energy, boost mental focus, and speed up your metabolism all while burning fat.

 Shake It Off – Whether you’re looking to boost your immune system or shake off a cold, this high-grade Japanese green tea with hints of lemongrass and ginger is loaded with antioxidants and acts as a great decongestant.

Duchess of Earl – Lovers of Earl Grey will have a weakness for this traditional blend laced with cornflowers and vanilla resulting in intoxicating creaminess. A truly elegant and feminine experience.


Special Gift:

April’s gift is a $10.00 gift card to Hippy Pits! Hippy Pits is an all-natural deodorant solution that smells and feels amazing using a special blend of essential oils that are antibacterial. That’s right, antibacterial! Hippy Pits uses natural clays that are only now being discovered. Clay is a great ingredient for drying things up and drawing out toxins. When you wear their deodorant, it doesn’t block the sweat – it will simply absorb it and kill the negative odour. 

Simply use code HippyTease for $10.00 off today!


- tease team