Tease Tea Launches it's Monthly 'Chari'tea' Initiative and Partnership with WhatSheSaid!



tease tea is proud to partner with SiriusXM Radio’s ‘What She Said’ and to raise awareness for a Women’s ‘Chari’tea’ every month!

Every month, tease tea and WSS will be donating 5% of all profits from the WSS collection to a female driven organization. Stay tuned for who our selected organization is for June! 

Please join us in supporting this wonderful charity throughout the month of June by indulging in these delicious blends created tease tea’s Tea Sommelier, Sheena Brady, inspired by the amazing women at ‘WhatSheSaid’!

Citrus Sunrise - High in caffeine content, this simple yet elegant blend of oolong tea with subtle hints of citrus/orange offers the perfect brew to wake up to

Pick Me Up - Roasting Mate creates a deep, rich experience with the similar flavour profile of coffee but with increased benefits such as sharper focus, increased energy, boosted metabolism and suppressing hunger. Blended with a hint of oolong, fruit and vanilla for a pleasurable experience with every sip.

Afternoon Delight - A perfect alternative to that 2pm coffee to 'keep you going'. Indulge in this afternoon tea inspired blend with delicious chai spices that pairs wonderfully with lunch or some sweet treats.

Wind Me Down - A visually stunning, rich blend of rooibos, cacao & rose. The perfect herbal mix for unwinding and settling into a peaceful evening and restful sleep.

You can purchase these 4 blends and many more at www.teasetea.com

For further information please contact Caitlyn Squires:
            e: caitlyn@teasetea.com
            c: 647.519.4417