Why 90% of Resolutions Fail & How Tea Can Help

why new years resolutions fail and how tea can help by tea sommelier sheena brady

As a certified Tea Sommelier, small business owner, dog mom, other half to an incredibly supportive fiancé (yes, I became engaged over the holidays!) on top of having a full time job — It’s not challenging for me to admit that I struggle sometimes to commit to reaching my goals and general objectives.

With 2017 just around around the corner, as usual, I have bold and audacious goals that I’ve set for myself personally and professionally. I know I’m not alone in this.

However this year, instead of mapping out what I want 2017 to look like entirely, I’ve decided to try something different. Forget resolutions, large personal commitments, diets, fads, etc. After all, over 90% of those who create resolutions are not successful. So what’s going on here?

If there’s any big take home for me in 2016, it’s that our mental mindset is largely responsible for creating the discipline to actually help us reach our goals.

Success starts in the mind. Motivation may create that spark (A video you see, a new product you want to try) but it’s small doses of consistent daily discipline that’s going to take you to the finish line.

How does tea fit into all of this? Tea has been regarded for centuries as a way to take a moment to yourself. For self reflection, mindfulness, and gratitude. Within these three areas, we can create that daily discipline to help us reach our goals.

Tea has been regarded for centuries as a way to take a moment to yourself. For self reflection, mindfulness, and gratitude. Within these three areas, we can create that discipline to help us reach our goals.

With that, I’d love to share the small but impactful daily habits you can create to set yourself up for success no matter what you wish to achieve.

Step one: Take that moment of daily self reflection not once, but twice a day over a cup of tea. Don't you deserve at least two moments to yourself a day, after all?

My personal suggestion would be our Triple Teatox program specifically. Not only does our complete kit contain a 30 day tea detox which includes a morning and evening tea, in addition to creating positive, daily habits and discipline, our teatox is also designed to amplify your health and wellness goals. Physically and mentally.

Step Two: Create a Daily Discipline Checklist:

Simple though impactful headings to consider;

Morning Tea:

Did you enjoy your daytime blend? While enjoying, what are you looking forward to today?


What 3 things are you grateful for today?


What do you want to accomplish today?


What actions will it take to achieve your goals?


What does accomplishing today’s goals look like?

Feel Good:

Listen to a song, go for a walk. Do something for you.


Pay attention to it. Posture affects your psychology.

Feed Your Mind:

Read or watch some empowering, inspiring content.

Evening Tea:

Did you enjoy your evening tea? While enjoying, what went well today? What were some obstacles and how can you overcome them next time?

The idea is that by taking time to reflect over the above, you are changing your mental mindset in a way where mindful actions simply become daily habits. Long term success starts with the small, but impactful daily habits you commit to.

triple teatox checklist tease tea

With our Triple Teatox, I’ve personally designed a simple though impactful daily checklist which includes all of the above to review while you reflect over your cuppa. This digital guide comes with every purchase.

Essentially my goal is to help you reach your goals, one sip at a time.

Happy Sipping,

Sheena Brady

Owner & Certified Tea Sommelier: TeaseTea.com

Tease Tea Triple Teatox Creating Success Checklist

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