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Top 5 Podcasts Perfectly Paired with Tea: Listen & Sip

Podcasts have grown in popularity in recent years, and are now more then ever the trendy approach to sharing our views. There seems to be a podcast out there for every desire- as their is with our tea. We've paired our Top 5 Podcasts with Teas.


1. Raise Your Hand Say Yes

Tiffany Han hosts podcasts where she interviews inspiring women- designers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. Han herself is a brand strategist and creative director and discusses topics ranging from risk taking to productivity. She aims to “light fires under creative women to create bold brands and businesses that they love”.

While listening to Tiffany's Raise Your Hand Say Yes, we say raise a cup of To The Finish Lime which helps with focus and energy to be able to feel empowered to take on anything.


2. Self-Care Sunday

Kayley Reed is the host of Self-Care Sunday. During her weekly podcasts she explores the relationship between mental health, entrepreneurship, social media, and self-care. Self-Care Sunday exists as an authentic inquiry into what it means to take care of yourself as a woman in the digital age. Her podcast features interviews with female entrepreneurs, influencers, and artists along with sharing her own personal struggles.

We recommend pairing Kayley's podcast with Shake It Off - which ties into self care as this blend boasts tons of antioxidants and immune boosting power.


3. She Means Business

Host Carrie Green is passionate with everything involving business- from starting to growing. Her weekly podcast takes the listener on a journey filled with tips and tricks to help any entrepreneur build and sustain a successful business. Green is also the founder of The Female Entrepreneur Association- an online hub whose mission is to inspire, empower women from all around the world to build successful businesses.

We have paired She Means Business with our Caramel Cardio as this blend means business. It is a Pu-erh tea, which is used for improving mental alertness and sharp thinking and top of that it is also used for reducing high cholesterol.


4. The Unapparenthood

Partners in life, work and now parenthood- their podcast documents their pregnancy journey. They dig deeper into the world of being millennial entrepreneurs, mixed-race couple along with having previously experiencing pregnancy loss. They openly and honestly discuss their life and adventure they are embarking on in this next phase of their life with a baby.

The perfect tea pairing for Unapparenthood is Chai Love You. This podcast is hosted by a loving couple and can certainly use the sustained extra energy boost from this blend.

5. Being Boss

Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson host a top ranked podcast where they share that Being Boss is not about following a cookie-cutter formula to be successful. Both successful independent business owners, Emily and Kathleen started the podcast in January of 2015 to talk shop and share their combined expertise with other creative entrepreneurs. Their weekly podcast is not only filled with practical advice but is delivered in a fun conversation with humour among friends.

We are pairing this podcast with our Orange Creamsicle- because what is more fun then tea that tastes like a popsicle.


Happy Listening, Happy Sipping Beauteas!

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