What is a Tea-rrific Team: Top 5 Food & Tea Pairings

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When we think tea we think of biscuits, scones or perhaps even little sandwiches such as at high tea. Did you know there is a much wider spread of food that pairs perfectly with a cup of tea. Much like how certain notes in wine pair better with certain foods, there are aspect of tea blends that are sure to compliment more then you may have known.


1. Matcha & Sushi

Not only do both items have an Asian origin but they are perfect together -drink pure matcha with sushi! It is the richness and earth tones of the matcha that make sushi taste positively sweet. 


2. Chai Tea & Vegetables

This pairing may not seem like an obvious one at first glance,  however the notes of cinnamon, ginger, pepper, nutmeg in chai tea pair wonderfully with a vegetable stir fry. Take your pairing to a whole new level, and try using Chai Love You as a spice and rub it on root vegetables followed by roasting.


3. Earl Grey & Ice Cream

How can anything not taste amazing with ice cream? However, if you're looking for the right tea pairing it is our Duchess of Earl. Not only are your taste buds jolted by the hot and cold mix, but the tannic and citrusy notes of the tea pair beautifully with a neutral sweet flavour, like vanilla.


4. Breakfast Black & rich dishes

If you're wondering what to pair with a hearty and rich dish such as a brioche with cheese and mortadella, then a black tea helps cut through and refreshes the palate brisk malty flavour. We recommend our Organic Breakfast at Tiffany's to add to your next picnic with all the fixings. 


5. Pu-erh & Roast Chicken

Pu-erh teas have a strong, earthy and distinctive flavour, and they make great choices alongside a chicken based meal. They can neutralize the oily and greasy tastes. These beverages, including Caramel Cardio are often preferred after large meals due in large part to their digestive qualities.







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