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Three Must Read Children's Books Paired with Tea

Tease Tea Book pairing

Written by guest blogger Elena Murzello, Authour of The Love List

As I sit here and the snow piles down outside my window, I think of all my friends who have young children and their constant effort to entertain them. Things have definitely changed since I was their age. I remember borrowing piles of books from the library – and if I was lucky, I would get a book that was featured on Reading Rainbow. On this cold winter day, I imagine my friends eventually give their TV a rest and share stories with their kids over a warm beverage (tea perhaps?). Here is a roundup of new kids’ books with a tea pairing for their adult companions:

1. Curlee Girlee

Written by Atara Twersky

Illustrations by Karen Wolcott


My friends’ daughter is just shy of turning 1 and her multiethnic background is already peaking through by way of her luscious locks. I can’t wait to see how curly her hair will be as she grows up. I myself am blessed with wavy hair, and like Curlee Girlee was not as fond of it growing up.  I embraced it once I discovered its versatility as it can be straight and wavy whenever I choose.  Twersky’s tale of Curlee Girlee reminds all of us that unique qualities should be celebrated and what makes us unique, also makes us beautiful.




Suggested Pairing: Tease Tea’s Nastea woman

A blend of black tea with natural dark chocolate flavors designed to give us a moment of pause, mindfulness, and gratitude during challenging moments. This tea was curated with Hillary Clinton’s words in mind for young girls everywhere - "never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams." 



 3. Are you an Echo? The lost poetry of Misuzu Kaneko

Narrative and translation by David Jacobson, Sally Ito and Michiko Tsuboi

Illustrated by Toshikado Hajiri 

I expected this children’s book to be filled with haikus of cherry blossoms or a story about a calligraphy class in Asakusa, but this biography/ poetry collection offers much more. While it’s classified under children’s literature – reader aware: the biography of Misuzu Kaneko is somewhat dark. And while young readers may not fully understand Kaneko’s life struggles, they might be intrigued how Kaneko’s powerful and timeless words inspired the Japanese people after the 2011 tsunami.



Suggested Pairing: Tease Tea’s A Matcha Made in Heaven

In keeping with the Asian theme, this matcha is the perfect pairing for, Are you an Echo? The lost poetry of Misuzu Kaneko. Matcha is known for its significant health properties including boosting the metabolism and burning calories. Its’ rich in fiber, chlorophyll and vitamins and enhances mood and aids in concentration. With all these benefits, I wonder if Kaneko drank matcha while writing her poems?


3. I’m going to give you a Bear Hug!

Written by Caroline B. Conney

Illustrated by Tim Warnes

I never used to like hugs. But have you found that there are certain people who can give you a hug and it be somewhat magical? They can cure any issues or anxiety with their sign of affection. This simple, sweet story shares the value of a warm, comforting physical embrace.


Suggested Pairing: Tease Tea’s Golden Slumbers

 Enjoy this caffeine free tea day or night. The notes of velvety smooth chocolate, golden strands of calendula & red rooibos will wrap you in warmth like a great hug.  

What are some of your favourite children's reads?



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