The Ultimate Tea Menu For Christmas Cheer


When the holiday season approaches, tea lovers rejoice at all the new flavours that become available. If you’re hosting a Christmas get-together, you should consider hosting a winter-themed tea party. There are a lot of different ways you can level up your holiday hosting, like serving loose leaf tea, cookies and finger sandwiches.

Here are some ideas to get you inspired for your next holiday tea party.

Starter Options For Christmas Tea Menu


The first step to any tea menu, especially a Christmas tea, is to serve up small snacks to get your guests’ appetite going. The best way to start a tea party is with appetizers like finger sandwiches. There are great ways to make your traditional sandwiches more seasonal, like combining fig, honey, and blue cheese or using seasonal fruits like an apple slaw. In addition to these great options, serving fruit and cheese finger sandwiches are classic and enjoyed year-round. You can also swap out the bread for a nice cracker arrangement, which offers a lighter addition to your starter menu.

In terms of tea types to accompany your starters, go for something fruity and light, like a our Duchess of Earl tea loose leaf tea or Berry Me In Kisses. Your guests are sure to love those teas with their starter.

Savoury Options for Christmas Tea Menu


The next step on your Christmas Tea menu is something savoury and rich, which is especially satisfying on chilly winter evenings. Consider a spinach and artichoke dip, which are a great side to tea sandwiches and make for easy snacks. You can also go for a tasty winter salad with tons of winter vegetables, rice and lentils. For more filling food, look at options like hearty soups. You might even consider tea-inspired ones like Chamomile Corn Chowder or opt for root vegetable soups. If you’re not sure that soup will work in a tea party, simply portion them out into decorative shot glasses for a daintier approach.

You can also go the quiche route to round out your savoury Christmas Tea menu. Serve this portion with complimentary teas like a robust black tea such as Breakfast At Tiffany’s, The tart, crisp flavour of our Crimson Cranberry tea would also be appropriate.


Tease Tea holiday loose leaf tea

Sweets To Serve At A Christmas Tea Party


Sweets are an important part of a tea menu, and the holiday season lends itself to the opportunity to get creative. The holidays are a time for indulgence, and your guests will welcome any sweet additions to the menu. You can serve some smaller sweets during the day, like chocolate bark or chocolate truffles, which pair well with other finger foods and then serve a bigger dessert for the final step of the tea party.

Consider getting tea cookies with icing, because these work well at any tea party. You can decorate the icing any way you like, in red and green colours or wintery designs. You can also imitate snow by dusting powdered sugar on your cookies. At the end of your tea party, bring out a big dessert, like a Yule Log Cake, decorated simply or with complexity, so long as it’s full of holiday cheer. Other options are apple crisp or a gingerbread cake. These are all winter flavours that will work perfectly at a holiday tea party.

You’ll want your teas for dessert to balance out the sweetness of the food, so think of teas with a touch of citrus or consider serving champagne. Alternatively, look for herbal teas to help with digestion like peppermint-based Candy Cane Crush or even Calming Chamomile. These teas lend themselves well to holiday flavours like candy cane and winter freshness, and are perfect for those cold winter nights.


There are so many options for holiday recipes so you can have some creativity and flexibility when it comes to your Christmas tea menu. The important thing is finding teas that pair well with your food options and going for flavours and ingredients that are popular for the season. That means whichever food options you opt for- warm cinnamon, cooling peppermint, chai, nutmeg, and winter vegetables- should all be prioritized on your menu.

During the holiday season, our other products like teapots, pitchers and our signature silicone tea infuser for use with loose leaf tea are also great to have on hand and make your hosting job a whole lot easier.


Ellie Coverdale is a lifestyle writer with Australian Help and Boom Essays. She shares her suggestions about food and beverage ideas with her audience. She enjoys finding new recipes and holiday hosting ideas to improve get-togethers and bring people joy during the holidays. In her spare time, Ellie teaches writing skills at the State of Writing.

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