Tea Sommelier & CEO of Tease Tea, Sheena Brady featured on CTV's Your Morning

CTV Sheena Brady Tea Sommelier of Tease Tea on Your Morning

Need to get rid of a cold? There's a tea for that. Looking to boost your metabolism? Yup, there's a tea for that, too.

Certified Tea Sommelier and CEO of Tease Tea,  Sheena Brady believes no matter how we're feeling or what mood we're in, there's always a cup of tea to make us feel better.

To boost your immunity / shed a cold

Japanese sencha green tea, lemongrass, and ginger

Whether you're looking to boost your immune system or shake off a cold, this high grade Japanese green tea with hints of lemongrass & ginger is loaded with antioxidants and acts as a great decongestant. Add a little honey to sooth a sore throat.

Tip: Steep your green tea in water that isn't boiling to avoid burning the tea leaves and creating a bitter taste.


Tease Tea Sheena Brady Tea Sommelier on CTV's Your Morning Canada

Matcha Tea shot

Matcha is also a green tea, but how it's made is quite interesting. You take the whole leaf, remove the stems and pulverize it until you're left with this beautiful green powder. Because you consume it whole, versus steeping, you actually wind up with one serving being equal to consuming up to 10 cups of green tea in terms of its nutritional content!

For a quick fix in the morning, we recommend a matcha iced latte shot. Simply take 1/2 tsp of matcha, add to warm milk. Whisk, shake on ice with a martini shaker and serve. Who knew a shot in the morning could be so good for you!

To boost your metabolism and help weight loss

Daytime tea (yerba mate, lemongrass)

This tea is meant to be enjoyed every morning upon waking up and again mid-afternoon to wake up the body, boost metabolism, increase focus and sustain cravings.

It's recommended to continue your light daily breakfast and lunch meal routines. It contains natural plant-based caffeine so you get an energy boost, too.

Evening tea (Fennel)

Every evening, enjoy at least one to two cups of the evening tea to begin the process of cleansing out the digestive system and removing of toxins. This will help with reducing bloating, improving skin and promoting healthy digestion. Senna is the main ingredient is which is an FDA approved, natural, plant-based mild laxative that's going to really "get things going" Not so sexy, but very important! It is also a caffeine free blend to help promote restful sleep.

To curb sugar cravings

Opt for a fruit forward, herbal blend such as one made with orange pieces and vanilla. You will get a nice a decadent and sweet treat experience, minus the calories!

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