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Spotlight: Sacred Heart Rising Summit April 21st

Tease tea takes pride in the fact that proceeds from every order go to support organizations dedicated to the empowerment of women. We also love sharing and bringing awareness to amazing work that is done around the world that shares our same passion and voice.

On April 21st, Sacred Heart Rising will be hosting their inaugural summit. Sacred Heart Rising begun in 2016 and it encompasses an Anthology of the same name. These stories revolve around abuse, addictions, loss and grief. This summit will feature all the authors in the Anthology from across North America. Sacred Hearts Rising supports, educates and encourages women and children who have been a victim of sexual, mental and emotional abuse.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Brenda Hammon, who is the CEO and Founder of Sacred Hearts Rising. Her story, ambition and dedication to this organization is truly empowering. She has walked in the shoes of the victims she hears from, she knows firsthand the pain they have experienced- that is the reason why it was important for her to create this organization.

I have walked in those shoes and came out the other side, and I know what it takes to help other women to realize that they too can have a life that they only dreamed about. My mission and passion are to help women overcome, and triumph over tragedy. 

Create The Change Campaign is one of the many wonderful initiatives established thanks to Sacred Hearts Rising. This campaign is a video of women standing up and simply saying me too, its time, no more. It will be posted on Youtube and other social media platforms to help create a change in the legal system on how women and children are treated regarding charges for sexual abuse and sexual assault. As Brenda is undoubtedly a woman many look up to, has inspired and given hope to others - we wanted to ask her who SHE looks up to and why and she had this to say:

That is a hard question [...] I asked this question from all of my authors as well as myself and I came up with this answer. My daughters,  because they changed my world the day they were born, they gave me something to protect and fight for.  Oprah for all that she has and continues to do for children and women. I don't want to be Oprah but I admire what she does and I work at creating that safe place for others also.  

There are multiple ways anyone can get involved and support Sacred Hearts Rising. Aside from sponsorships and donations which are vital for any non profit organization, sharing their stories helps Sacred Hearts Rising. Their Facebook page is in the process of being perfected to be used as a platform to share and support one another. You can find out more HERE on the upcoming summit.

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