Our New Favorite Flavor, Oolong! Why we can't get enough.

Our new favorite flavor, Oolong! 



The first time we tried Oolong, we fell in love. This versatile tea is great for all times of day, before or after dinner, and in almost any weather. Chill it or heat it, just drink it! Here, we list why Oolong is our new favorite. 


First of all, where did it come from?! 

Oolong is an ancient tea that dates back to the Ming Dynasty in China. (1600's, I mean we are talking OLD.) It was named after it's creator, and comes from both China and Taiwan. It was developed after black tea but has the unique flavor of being somewhere between black tea and green tea. The flavor is so unique, when British Ambassador to China gave some to the Queen in the late 1900's, she loved it. It became a favorite in the palace and has gained popularity in the west ever since. 

Oolong was invented in the 1600's but it's predecessor, Beiyuan tea, goes back 1000 years! What?! I know. We were impressed too. Tea, is as ancient as the wisdom of monks on hilltops, meditation, and old castles. 

History is fun, let's keep going! 

Oolong has a special legend that says one day, a farmer was tending to the tea fields. He saw a deer and instead of finishing the tea, he decided to go hunting. Once the deer was caught, he returned to the tea but some time had passed. The edges of the tea leaves had oxidized and gave off a beautiful aroma. He went with it, and voila! Oolong was born.

Cool, what does it look and taste like? 

Oolong has a strong to light floral taste, depending on which variety you choose. Other notes of flavor include a warm woodsy taste, sometimes a light citrus, occasionally peachy. Each variety has it's own light golden hue and flavor profile, like fine wine. Try a bunch and see what tastes delicious to you! Tease Tea offers an Oolong mixed with orange peel, vanilla, citrus flavors, and hibiscus called Orange Creamsicle. It's the tea of your childhood dreams, bringing back memories of summer days and warm nights. It's amazing both as an iced tea brewed strong, or a hot cup of tea at home while reading or after dinner. 

Is it good for you? 

YES! It's great for you! Oolong, like many teas, boosts your immune system, helps kickstart your metabolism to aid in weight loss, is said to strengthen teeth, and even makes your skin more beautiful than it already is. Tea in general is excellent for your health plus gets your closer to your goal of more water and less dehydration unlike other caffeinated beverages we love. (Ahem, coffee, cough cough.) 



Well I'm in love, where do I find it?! 

So glad you asked. Honestly you can find Oolong tea in almost any grocery aisle. We're tea snobs though, so we highly recommend being choosy for the best flavor. We love ours because we sell fresh, small batch, handmade blends that are loose leaf. That means it didn't sit on a grocery shelf for a year before ending up in your home. It also means the pieces of tea, and the bits that give all the other flavors, are whole and since we source all of our teas from sustainable gardens around the world, we recommend ours highly.


Happy Sipping!  

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