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How Tea Can Benefit Runners & Athletes : Guest Blog Post


Tea is one of the oldest beverages on earth, something that has existed in some manifestation or another for thousands of years in civilizations all over the world. Each day, in countless countries in virtually all pockets of the earth, people sit down to enjoy a cup -- or several! -- of the good stuff. 

People drink tea for different reasons, but regardless of where you are in life -- a child, a college student, a parent, a senior citizen, a hardworking employee -- tea can confer benefits to you and your health, Particularly if you are an athlete, such as a runner, tea can provide some benefits to you that few other nature-based drinks can. Below, I’ll talk in detail about the benefits of tea to athletes and runners. They include the following:

Tea can have calming effects

Many people the world over look forward to having a cup of tea to wind down after a long and stressful day. For athletes and runners, if they are feeling nervous before an important workout or race, having a cup of tea can help them calm down and relax. Similarly, after a hard workout or race, when adrenaline and excitement is still flying high and coursing through their body, tea can help to wind them down. Try Calming Chamomile - calm is right in the name.

Tea can also have supercharging effects

Conversely, because tea has varying levels of caffeine, the beverage can also have supercharging effects to runners and athletes in advance of a workout or important race. Sometimes athletes or runners rely on a cup of tea in the morning -- or before a pivotal event -- to help them “wake up” and get ready for competition. Many folks rely on coffee to do the same thing, but if folks don’t like the drink’s bitterness or taste, tea can be a great alternative and still provide some caffeinating benefits.

Tea can help keep folks “regular"

No athlete wants to have a bathroom emergency mid-competition, so some folks depend on their morning cup of tea to help keep their bowels moving regularly. Many people’s gastrointestinal tracts respond positively to caffeine or warm/hot water, so drinking a cup of tea is sometimes enough to get things moving. Our Triple Teatox Evening blend can also help as it contains some senna leaf.


Tea can aid in the recovery process

With so many different types of tea varieties out there, perhaps it’s no surprise that there are some tea offerings that can aid in athletes’ recovery processes, too. Athletes can only continue to improve provided they recover well (and intelligently), and having a cup of specially-formulated recovery-focused tea can help them along in this endeavor.

These are just a few of the many benefits that tea can confer to athletes and runners. It’s simply a matter of finding the variety that fits your needs. Lucky for you, you have many options!

Author Bio: Jane Grates is a self proclaimed fitness geek and hiking enthusiast. She focuses in on crossroads of beauty and purpose to craft experiences both online and in real life. She also writes reviews and recommendations on Runnerclick, ThatSweetGift, NicerShoes and GearWeAre.

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