The Herb of Immortality: What Is Gynostemma?


What the heck is Gynostemma you may be wondering?

With such a unique name, this relatively unknown herb deserves the spotlight for once. There are 151 reasons to drink tea with Gynostemma in it, but we’d be here all day.

Here are the top 5 reasons to drink tea with Gynostemma. 

First of all, where does it come from?

Think of Gynostemma as the distant cousin who only comes home on occasional holidays. With deep roots in the melon family, he is also the relative of the cucumber actually. You can find this powerful herb growing as a vine in Asian countries like China and Thailand; and also in our Mothers Helper blend. They believe you should drink a cup of this tea every day, as it’s adaptogens enable the body’s ability to handle stress, trauma, and fatigue much easier. Similar to the way we consume Ginseng, this is how we use Gynostemma. Best consumed by pairing with high-antioxidant ingredients which can boost its effects. Making it one of the most powerful herbs on the planet.

1. Gynostemma Is Beneficial To Your Heart Health:

In Canada, 29% of all deaths are connected to heart disease. Gynostemma encompasses special properties to support cholesterol levels and blood pressure within the body. By increasing nitric oxide in the body, Gynostemma aids the overall blood flow to your organs, lowering your risk of heart disease.

Try combining Gynostemma tea with the practice of yoga or meditation and breathing deeply through your nose. This has a calming effect that helps release nitric oxide in the body, ultimately lowering blood pressure naturally and improving cholesterol levels. We have a great blend with this herb called Mothers Helper.




2. Drinking Tea With Gynostemma Is Good For Your Brain:

Let’s talk about your noggin. How often do you think about cognitive health and protecting it? Just as Gynostemma produces nitric oxide for the heart, it benefits brain health as well. By enhancing the functions of your central nervous system it protects your cells from nerve damage. No more short term memory loss or forgetting where you put things. When nitric oxide increases, the way your brain cells communicate improves too. You’ll notice your focus gets better and you will be able to concentrate on tasks much easier. Believe us, this stuff works. Get it here. 


This herb is so helpful that it has the ability to calm the mind before bedtime, but also give you that much needed mental boost in the morning without the use of caffeine.


3. Boost Your Energy Level With Gynostemma:

Whether you’re looking to get that end of the day energy boost to make it to the gym after work, or a mid-day pick me up, Gynostemma’s your herb. Just a few beneficial features of this guy are elevated energy and stamina, enhanced mental alertness and sleep patterns, as well as increased perception and physical energy levels. The boost you feel while drinking this tea is known to be similar to drinking an energy drink or taking a caffeine supplement. Except you’re doing this au-natural. Check out the benefits of Gynostemma found in our Yerba Mate teas here as well as our new Mothers Helper tea.




4. You Will Be Able To Reduce Your Stress Level:

As the world we live in becomes busier every day and our lives seem to not have enough seconds in the day to get everything done, there’s Gynostemma. This magical herb is capable of improving the body’s instinctive abilities in responding to stress. Too much stress can hinder the way your body chooses to naturally react to it. Try drinking this tea to restore the imbalances that occur when we get too overwhelmed with internal and external stresses. If you suffer from anxiety, insomnia or frequent headaches, this is your answer to alleviating those stresses.


5. Gynostemma Will Help Your Metabolism:

By breaking down the fat and cleaning out unwanted toxins from the body, the adaptogens work to burn fat as fuel. By collaborating with your digestive system it restores the balance. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or put on some muscle, it can aid with both. For those looking to shed those last few stubborn pounds, this can be an effective tool to help your body digest foods more efficiently. If you want those gains, it ensures you are soaking up the maximum amount of nutrients from everything you consume.  It’s also great if you’re someone who hits the gym a lot, as it can reduce the amount of lactic acid the body makes so your gym session can last longer.

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