Guest Blog: Master the Art of Mindful Gift Giving

How to Master the Art of Mindful Gift Giving This Festive Season

Now that the holidays are coming, it’s time for us to get together with our friends and family and show them how much they mean to us. Gifts are one of the most important of festive season traditions, and finding the right one for each of your loved ones is truly the best way to make them feel cherished. But how do you pick the right thing and make sure they truly like what you end up getting them? To find the best kind of present, you must master the art of mindfulness and allow yourself to find something meaningful. If you want to know how you can do this, here are some tips that can help.

Listen closely

Chances are, your loved ones are already hinting at what they might like to get, and all you need to do is listen to them. They might not be doing it consciously, but if you pay close attention you’ll notice that they might be longing for a thrilling new novel to inspire them, or a cozy winter scarf, or a new pair of cufflinks. Be present in their life, grant them your time and attention, and the idea for a good gift will practically reveal itself.

Gift them a moment of peace

We live in a very stressful world, and all of us could use a moment of peace. Why not give your loved one something that will inspire them to slow down and take a break, to relax and enjoy the moment? Something as simple and beautiful as a mod white teapot and quality chamomile tea will allow them to enjoy a spiritually calming moment and soothe themselves. Giving the person you care about the gift of peaceful quiet is priceless.

Show them how much they matter

Another thing you should always encourage is self-love. You can center your whole present around the ritual of self-care. Find a big basket and fill it with things like bath bombs from Bathorium, essential oils, a hand cream, a pair of woolly socks, a beautifully scented reed diffuser, and maybe a mixtape with some relaxing music. Similarly to our previous point, you won’t just be giving them something material. You’ll be granting them a moment of purity and self-love, an atmosphere of warmth. 

Make sure it’s personalized

Even if it’s nothing more than a fun little mug, personalizing the gift in some way will show your loved one that you were truly thinking about them and no one else when you were picking it out, and seeing their name on any kind of item will make them smile. Another way to make it all work is to simply write a card to go with the gift. Don’t pick out something from the store, write something on your own. As long as it’s a note that comes from the heart, they’re bound to be charmed.

Don’t be afraid to make it simple

Sometimes, the best gift is your own time. Why not invite your partner over for a hot cup of delicious Berry Me in Kisses blend of tea and a sexy date? You can make dinner and spend time together, and you’re both bound to appreciate the chance to enjoy each other’s company. You can also bake cupcakes for your grandma and go visit her, or watch a movie with your folks as you update them on your life. Just because the gift is simple doesn’t mean it’s not effective. On the contrary, something like this is the very essence of mindfulness because you’ll be investing in important relationships and forging unbreakable bonds.

Start a tradition

Maybe each time around the holidays you go for a weekend getaway, or maybe you always bring over a different box of fancy chocolates and eat it together. Starting holiday traditions is a great way to make people look forward to seeing you, and if you establish a ritual that repeats itself every year it means you want to be around these people. You want to keep repeating it, you want them in your life, and you want them to know it.

When giving someone a gift, make sure to stay in the moment. Look them in the eyes, smile, and tell them how much they mean to you. Let them feel how much you care and the bond between you will become stronger.

Author's Bio: Sophia Smith is a self-proclaimed fashion addict and life lover who writes mostly in fashion and beauty related topics. Click HERE to see more of her work.

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