Guest Blog: Beautiful Secrets of Chamomile Tea

Times are rapidly changing, more and more people are getting inclined towards a healthier living and are going out of their way for a more healthy diet. Between avoiding junk food and regular exercise, there is a wide spectrum of healthy and natural food options which in these recent years has gotten a huge amount of attention.

Somewhere in this section lies the charismatic Chamomile Tea. With it’s sweet and earthy taste it has attracted the attention of a great number of people and for all the right reasons. Not only is it a caffeine free alternative to regular black and green tea but also comes with a number of health benefits. Chamomile is a natural herb that is a product of the Asteraceae flower family which are very similar to the Daisy flowers in your garden.

From helping people overcome issues of insomnia to help reduce risks of cardiac diseases, benefits of chamomile tea, such as Calming Chamomile, is a wonder of all sorts. Let’s take a deeper dive into the wonderful ways this herb helps empower the human body.

Helps reduce insomnia and promote healthy sleep

It helps calm your nerves and provides a special antioxidant to your brain nerves called Apigenin. This helps your brain to reduce stress and induce a healthy sleep. Also the lack of caffeine is an attractive attribute to a lot of people.

Improves digestion and promotes digestive health

Digestive health is of utmost importance for your overall well being and chamomile tea has proven to have improved general digestive properties. It has proven to have anti-inflammatory properties and also provides comfort to people suffering from stomach ulcers. It is used to help prevent bacteria growth and is helpful for people suffering with diarrhea. Traditionally this herb was used to help cure nausea and gas.

Helps control blood sugar levels

Our pancreas produces insulin which keeps our blood sugar levels under control. Chamomile tea exhibits anti-inflammatory properties which help keep the pancreas stay healthy which might have been damaged due to increased sugar levels.

Promotes a healthy heart

Cardiac health has been matter of growing concern for a number of people and this wonder herb is doing a great job in keeping your heart healthy. Flavones are chemicals that are widely known for keeping a check on high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. With an abundance of Flavones in this tea, it is one of the best natural aids to help you with high blood pressure and unchecked cholesterol levels.

Improves immune power

This herbal tea has the potential of helping you stay away from general diseases like common cold and flu by boosting your immune power and also removes the toxins in your body. This property of the tea has long been known and adopted by our ancestors in ancient medicine.

Helps reduce muscle and period pain

Along with it’s anti-inflammatory properties, Chamomile tea also exhibits pain relieving and antispasmodic properties thus providing relief to ailing muscles and the uterus. It has also shown properties which help reduce prostaglandins secretion which is associated with inflammation and pain.

May help curb and avoid cancer

This special herbal tea has a number of healthy antioxidants which have demonstrated (in lab tests) to help curb cancer patients suffering from prostate cancer, breast cancer, throat cancer, etc. Though these results are just test results, we hope for the best.

These were few of the many health benefits of this wonder herb. Other health benefits of this herb range from reducing anxiety and depression, reducing bone loss to improving skin health and reducing acne. Though chamomile tea is generally great for health but some people might be allergic to it. Few people allergic to chrysanthemums and ragweed might show allergic reactions towards chamomile tea too. But otherwise this is a very healthy beverage and is great for one’s health.

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