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Five Fierce Femme Feats: September '18 Edition

Celebrating and capturing our favourite moments in modern feminism around the globe! 

1. Nine year old entrepreneur starts tea business

How could we not love this story! As female startup, Tease is in awe of this fierce little lady who is brewing up a business plan. Brayisha Avery may only be 9 years old, but she has sights set on conquering the business world as an entrepreneur and never thought twice about her goal. This is not only a touching but inspiring story of a little girl who is bound to be a fierce femme. FULL STORY


2. New organization aims to help girls shine

 Dominique Hunt took her struggles and challenges in her youth with low self-esteem and brought to light an organization that will help girls with the same struggles. Hunt, from Kalamazoo County, is the founder of Confident S.O.L.E.  (strengthening our ladies in excellence) which is designed to teach young girls their true worth and the skills to succeed and thrive in life. SEE FULL STORY.


3.'Share Her Journey' rally at TIFF draws attention

Earlier this month many top celebrities gathered in Toronto for the International Film Festival ( TIFF). While the movies were at the forefront, "Share Her Journey' rally garnered its fair share of attention. Recent movements have paved a path, yet there is still so much more to be done for the movie business to be a safe and empowering place for women. CLICK HERE for more on this story.


4. fearless skateboarder: first female to land infamous Tony Hawk loop

Lizzie Armanto a native of Oceanside, California, was one of the three skateboarders whose names were added to the list of a mere 15 people who have successfully landed the trick created by Hawk. The first female on that list is what makes this story even more amazing. This is not Armanto's only first female feat- in 2016, she was first woman to ever grace the cover of Transworld Skateboarding magazine. FULL STORY

5. Empowered Women Unite: 25 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts

Look no further- Career Contessa has compiled a list of must-follow worthy Instragram accounts by strong, fierce and accomplished women. Contessa fully believes that social media feeds should not be about comparison rather uplifting another as women. You are sure to be inspired and empowered by these accounts. CLICK HERE

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