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Five Fierce Femme Feats- May 2018 Edition

Celebrating and capturing our favourite moments in modern feminism around the globe! 

1.Cate Blanchett’s Impassioned Speech At Cannes 

We shared earlier this year that Cate Blanchett was being named Jury President at this year’s Cannes Film Festival and she surely left her mark. Not only did she lead a group of strong, talented, brave women in a march along the red carpet in Cannes, she gave a fierce speech. Click Here to Read More and Watch the clip above.


2. The Pink Boots Society: Women in Beer

Pink Boots Society is an organization that describes its goals to be, assist, inspire, and encourage. The society aims to connect and empower all women in beer. PBS has a strong focus on education and offering multiple scholarships to their members. “We want women to be able to advance their careers through education”. See Full Story


3. The Haunting Art of Plastic Pollution

This next story has dual significance. National Geographic is featuring a new series coined - Women of Impact. It is a project centred around women breaking barriers in their fields, changing their communities, and inspiring action. Mandy Barker photography forces us to look at the plastic waste we emit everyday. The issue with single use plastic is a heated one these days and many cities, and even countries are beginning bans on items such as plastic cutlery and straws. Read More about Mandy’s amazing spin on waste - giving our actions a visual voice


4. Jennifer Huggins: “Defeat is not an option”

Jennifer Huggins is a woman to be reckoned with and is most worthy of being named to our list of Fierce Femme Feats. She is not only a business owner -  she is a boxing coach, an official AIBA referee, a travelling magician’s assistant and the creator of the Fight To End Cancer annual fundraiser!! She discovered her love for boxing as a teen and took on the male dominated sport with a strong determination. She discusses her adoration for her work and notes that “watching people empower themselves, and being a part of that process, is something that will always keep me going.” Read More about this Fierce Femme!


5. Bold Brumfitt Rocks a Bikini

I cannot say enough amazing things about Taryn Brumfitt! She reached an unexpected level of fame after a before and after picture on social media in 2013, receiving millions of clicks overnight. Her documentary, Embrace, is one I encourage everyone to view- it will open your eyes and hearts. Taryn was back in the spotlight as she went on live television in a bikini! In addition to the video above, to learn more about her, Click Here.


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