Five Fierce Femme Feats - March '18 Edition

Celebrating and capturing our favourite moments in modern feminism around the globe!

1. Barbie Unveils New Dolls

Every few years Mattel releases new dolls, whether they be to reflect a new trend or a pop culture craze. This release is exciting and significant as the types of dolls were all inspirational women. There are two lines being released- the "inspiring women" line based on historical figures, along with a "shero" line for inspiration contemporary women”.
Children growing up will now be able to play with these dolls, aspire and make-believe they are strong, powerful women. See More


2. McDonalds Flips It's Arch

It has been said that McDonald’s golden arches is one of the most recognizable symbols in the world- even moreso then the Christian cross. Earlier this month for International Women’s Day, a McDonald’s location in California flipped their iconic symbol to reflect a W. Their chief diversity officer, Wendy Lewis said the move was done to honour the extraordinary accomplishments of women everywhere. Read More


3. Spain Grinds to a Halt

An unprecedented event took place on International Women’s Day in Spain earlier this month. 'Millions of Spanish women joined a nationwide strike to call for equality in the workplace and home, an end to macho culture and greater action against gender-based violence'. Over 80% of the workforce in Madrid was taking place in this work stoppage strike and took to the street to have their voices heard. Read More

4. The big winner at SXSW this year: Women

 It is something to take note of when the most talked about topic at the South by Southwest this year wasn't a company or a trend: It was women in tech. Since the start of 2018, women have been making the headlines and proving this movement is here to stay. The keynotes were evenly split between men and women- which is not common for high profile tech conference. There were also notably more women and gender-focused sessions than in prior years. Full Story


5. Meet the woman who coined the term 'Third Wave Feminism'

This article is a must read! Rebecca Walker is a respected feminist who coined the term ‘Third Wave Feminism’. It was at the young age of 22 that she declared she was not a post-feminism feminist which inaugurated the “foundational and revolutionary ideology of what we now understand as an individualized feminism that can not exist without diversity, sex positivity and intersectionality”. She discusses how we need to not accept everything we are taught, especially when it comes to beauty standards and how women should act and look- rather to resist it. Read More and be inspired by this article.

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