Five Fierce Femme Feats: March '19 Edition

Celebrating and capturing our favourite moments in modern feminism around the globe

1. Meghan Markle's Womens Day Panel; Powerful Display of Feminism

On International Women’s Day, Markle spoke on a panel organized by the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, which provided plenty of quotable and poignant comments. The Duchess spoke eloquently saying ‘when women miss out on careers, education or opportunities because of the system that they live in, we all suffer." Click HERE for full video.

2. Virgin Atlantic Giving Women the Power: Makeup No Longer Requirement

Females employed by airlines have always had a look of glamour but I doubt we ever took a moment to question it or whether the women had a say in the matter. Virgin Atlantic took a huge step forward into changing the landscape of the industry. It was announced that they would be scratching their mandatory makeup policy in an effort to equalize the gender requirements between their male and female crew members. FULL STORY

3. U.S. Women’s National Team Honours Iconic Women 

In sports it is often said, it is the name on the front of your jersey that matters not the one on the back. However, this past month the U.S. Women’s National soccer team wanted to draw attention to the names on the backs of their jerseys. In connection with the SheBelieves theme, the players each selected iconic and influential women to them to wear on their jerseys. READ MORE

 4. Ethiopian Airline Operates All Women Functioned Flight

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Africa’s biggest and most profitable airline, Ethiopian Airlines, operated an all female flight. It was a full female team effort, from the pilots, to the on flight management, along with the on the ground crews. This was not the first time Ethiopian Airlines operate with an all female crew either- last March they did the same on a similar flightpath. READ MORE

5. Powerful Stories of Women Around the World

International Women’s Day 2019 was celebrated across the globe, the countless events, speeches and acts of women empowerment could be felt globally. Here is a snapshot of some women who shared how they empower others. FULL STORY

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