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Five Fierce Femme Feats - June '18 edition

Celebrating and capturing our favourite moments in modern feminism around the globe! 


1. Women March across UK: Celebrate 100 years 

 It was a sight to be seen- across the UK several women’s marches took place to celebrate and commemorate the suffragettes’ campaign. “A celebration of their ultimate victory, and a reminder that there is still more to do at a time when women’s rights in Northern Ireland are a burning political issue”. Women proudly took to the streets adorning scarves that were handed out for free in the suffragette colours. READ MORE


2. Next Stop..Nina Simone- Paris metro must honour its heroines 

This article was quite eye opening.. How many landmarks, monuments or metro stations are named after fierce powerful historical women?! A current campaign group ‘Dare to be a feminist’ was formed in France where ‘only four of the 303 stops on 16 lines are named after female figures, French or otherwise’. The group is urging citizens to vote- let your voices be heard and stand for a change. FULL STORY


3. The Courage To Change: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex

 Alexandria is 28-year-old first-time politician and is barrelling down barriers along the way. Her campaign ad is not only real and honest- she wrote it herself. To read more on this fierce femme click HERE


4. Ocean's 8 Premiere: Girl Power 

GIRL POWER INDEED!! Steps aside George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon- the women got this covered. In today’s climate, especially with what has been occuring in Hollywood alongside the #metoo movement and unequal pay headlines - this film is welcomed with open arms.



5. Clare Smyth named best female chef in the world

Earlier this month Clare Smyth, who just added catering the royal wedding to her resume, won best female chef at the World’s 50 Best Restaurants gala in Bilbao, Spain. In her acceptance speech she hit the nail on the head saying ‘I would love to see very soon that we don’t need gender-specific awards because women will have recognition and there will be a balance in the industry’. SEE FULL STORY


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