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Five Fierce Femme Feats: July 2018 Edition

Celebrating and capturing our favourite moments in modern feminism around the globe! 

1. Inspiring New Way Girl Scouts is Empowering Women

‘The new Girl Scouts badges are so 2018’ - from robotics to environmental advocacy. These girls will be known for more than just their delicious cookies thanks to the newly launched impactful initiative. SEE MORE.

2. Aerie's Models are Getting Real

Aerie once again makes a splash with their latest advertising campaign. Previously they were applauded for using models that represented a more realistic female demographic instead of model and now they are proudly breaking another barrier and featuring women with varying medical conditions and disabilities. Once again Aerie inspires and empowers women with these unretouched images to promote body positivity. READ MORE


3. Grammys 2019: Will this be the year of women

The 2018 Grammy Awards were a hot topic for their lack of female representation not only in the nominees but also in the solo performances. The team responsible for the content is determined to make a change for this next edition and created a task force to improve academy inclusiveness. The question we are asking now - ‘Could 2019 be the year of women?’ FULL STORY

4. Stop Knocking World Cup's Female Commentators

This past month the World Cup of Football took place in Russia, however part of the chatter surrounding the festivities was regarding things off the field. The BBC and ITV hired well known and respected commentators who happened to be women, and this had many people up in arms. Former teammate of the two commentators, Lianne Sanderson can’t help but question why their gender is still an issue in today’s world. READ MORE

5. Where are all the female pilots?

Have you ever been on a plane with a female pilot? They are few and far in between. One female pilot from the UK explains why that is the case. Not only is Marnie Munns a pilot but she is trying to bring change to her industry and has created a program to empower women “called the Amy Johnson Initiative with easyJet, during which time the airline has increased recruitment of female cadet pilots from five to 13 per cent”. See FULL STORY

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