Five Fierce Femme Feats: January '19 Edition

Celebrating and capturing our favourite moments in modern feminism around the globe!

1. In praise of loud women – the joy and power of being noisy and female

Women in the limelight such as Lady Gaga, Michelle Obama, Angela Merkle, are all leading forces in tearing up the idea of what a women should sound like. In the last 20 years, largely in part due to social media spreading the message, women have redefined their roles and gaining confidence to speak their minds and be proudly ‘loud’. Women are also becoming more comfortable in roles of power and more importantly being able to fill those roles and have a voice. ‘At the recent People’s Vote march in London, at least half of the speakers were women, many of them under 30. READ MORE

2. Badass Vegan Women don't take sh*t

Women have been leading the charge of the mainstream face of Veganism, something that has not gone unnoticed. While this is a niche area, these women are not being held back and are pushing forward full force. ‘From journalists to racecar drivers, and from princesses to weightlifters, these six badass vegan women are proving that in order to make history, you must first disrupt the status quo. LEARN MORE about these amazingly fierce and  women in this story.

3. History Made: First female on-field NFL official in playoff game

This is not the first time Sarah Thomas has made a splash in the male dominated world of professional sports. In 2015 Thomas became the first female official in the National Football League. Earlier this month Thomas broke another barrier as she officiated an NFL Playoff game. While the playoff game itself was one for the books with the Patriots off to another SuperBowl, it was Thomas who stole some spotlight.

In 2017 the NFL made changes to the title of the position ‘head lineman’ to ‘down judge’ to be more gender neutral and inclusive- a move that likely would not have occurred without the perseverance of Sarah Thomas. See FULL STORY

4.The Best 2019 Women's March Signs Are Funny, Fierce, & Totally Female

Did you know that this is the third consecutive year that men have marched alongside women in the annual Women’s March? There has been recent controversy about these Marches and as to whether they were still needed- the turnout itself spoke the answer loud and clear. The crowds that joined forces for one common goal around the world shined with their signs and chants.‘Some signs were funny, because let's face it just because we're trying to topple the patriarchy doesn't mean we can't use a little wit every now and again.’ Click HERE for more.

5. Coyne Schofield steals show at 2019 NHL All-Star Weekend

January seems to be taking a sports themed with women making news across the globe. The NHL All-Star Weekend has been a long standing tradition of showcasing the very best in hockey. This year, we truly saw the best- as for the first time a female hockey player took place in the skills competition. Kendall Coyne Schofield is an American Olympian and now the first woman to race alongside the fastest NHL players in competition. FULL STORY

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