Five Fierce Femme Feats January

women empowerment
At Tease Tea, we are all about women's empowerment. Each month we make a list of the 5 most empowering stories we've heard about. And trust me, a lot can happen in a month. Here is a list of the most empowering stories we saw during January.

#1 Jesy Nelson, from the British girl group Little Mix, won an NTA for her documentary about online trolls and bullying


women empowerment


The documentary, which first aired back in September 2019, tackles cyberbullying, online trolling, mental health and how it affected Jesy and her entourage. Last year, her documentary broke BBC's records as it was the most viewed program since the platform moved online. On the 28th of January, Jesy Nelson won a National TV Award in the category Factual Entertainment. Her acceptance speech was tearful. This documentary is a good example of women empowerment not only by how her mom and her bandmates help her overcome those terrible situations but also by how she denounces the trolls and bullies.

#2 Billie Eilish wins 5 Grammys, making her the second person and first female to win the top 4 categories on the same night


women empowerment


Billie Eilish, who is only 18, won 5 Grammys on January 26th. She took home the top 4 categories, which are "Best new artist", "Record of the year", "Album of the year" and "Song of the year". The fifth award was "Best pop vocal". In addition to all that while receiving "Record of the year", she told the public that she thought Ariana Grande deserved that award. I mean, we stan women who support other women.
Plus, she wrote and will be performing the new James Bond theme song. And of course, she is the youngest to do so! What a fierce woman.

#3 Beauty YouTuber NikkieTutorails comes out as a transgender woman in the most touching YouTube video


women empowerment 

If you're looking for an inspiring women's empowerment story this is the one for you. On Monday the 13th Nikkie De Jager, known as Nikkie Tutorials posted a YouTube video where she tells the world that she is transgender. She was born a boy but always wanted to be a girl. She fully transitioned by the age of 19. As of the 31st, the video has been seen 33 million times. She initially came out because she had been blackmailed by somebody. They apparently threatened her that they would leak the story to the press. By making this video she said she "took back her own power". 
Like one of the comments on her video said "What I'm hearing is that a trans woman dominated the makeup industry without anyone's knowledge... I stan"

#4 Selena Gomez came back after a 5-year hiatus with a fire new album


women empowerment

Selena Gomez has been working on her new album for a few years. It finally came out on January 10th and her fans are absolutely in love (and so are we to be honest). She describes her album as  “honest, empowering and uplifting”. She talks about mental health, being vulnerable and seeking happiness, amongst other subjects. The album, called Rare empowers women and shows how much Selena has grown since her last album in 2015. 
You can listen to it on every platform but for the moment go watch the new music video for Rare.

#5 Awkwafina makes Golden Globe history


women empowerment

On January 5th took place the 77th Golden Globe ceremony. Amongst all the winners, one stood out. Awkwafina, who is in the entertainment industry since 2006, won in the category"  Best Performance in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy". She makes history by being the first performer of Asian descent to win a Golden Globe Award in a lead actress film category. This story helps empower Asian women all around the globe.
What is YOUR favourite story?

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