Five Fierce Femme Feats: February '19 Edition

Celebrating and capturing our favourite moments in modern feminism around the globe!

1. Ad Campaign Shows Women's Post-Childbirth Bodies in All Their Glory

 When a new baby is welcomed into the world, our gaze turns to how adorable and precious the baby looks. A woman’s body goes through an ordeal bearing a child and it is often glamourized by celebrities or shamed. This ad campaign by Mothercare's Body Proud Mums in London aims to represent "a part of motherhood that is rarely seen in media.” The women depicted in these images admitted they initially felt unattracted and scared post childbirth- now they are celebrated. READ MORE

2. Meghan & Harry’s Trip To Morocco Is All About Empowering Young Girls

As soon to be expectant parents they are wrapping up some last official trips as Royals. The Duke and Duchess’s visit to Morocco will be highlighted by the vital roles that girls’ education and youth empowerment are playing in, and shaping, modern Morocco. Meghan and Harry are also scheduled to visit Education for All, which is a boarding house in Asni for girls in rural communities. To learn more about their trip CLICK HERE


3. This is How Empowering Girls Can Help Stop Global Warming

By nature TED talks are inspirational and this one is no different. Katharine Wilkinson, part of Project Drawdown, explains how empowering girls can help stop global warming. This TED talk is moving and educational at the same time and gender equality is at the centre. READ MORE


4. No Syllabus, Stigmas: UP Village Has India’s First All-Girls Agricultural School

This school is unlike many in the western world in terms of its physical structure, but in India it’s unique for it’s approach. The girls learn about good farming practices through hands-on experience in the space of 50,000 sq ft. The school also houses a nursery, a seed bank and cattle. Ashita and Anish Nath are the founders of this school and after just over 2 years in existence their impact can be felt in their growing community. FULL STORY


5. Serena Williams Stars in ‘Dream Crazier’ Commercial For Nike

In response to Colin Kaepernick’s commercial in September- Dream Crazy, Nike took a new approach this time around. Serena Williams narrates the commercial, which takes negative portrayals of women in sport and flip them into motivational statements. “When we stand for something, we’re unhinged. When we’re too good, there’s something wrong with us. And if we get angry, we’re hysterical, irrational or just being crazy.” SEE MORE

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