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Five Fierce Femme Feats: August '18 Edition

Celebrating and capturing our favourite moments in modern feminism around the globe! 


1. From impoverished to empowered: Sri Lankan women making waves

 In many rural and impoverished nations, people are reliant on biomass technologies such as fuelwood and charcoal to meet their energy needs. The women of Sri Lanka have played a significant role in their economic and social development - in turn their entire family benefits from these strong empowered women. This is an inspiring article this is worth the read. CLICK HERE


2. How Aretha Franklin turned "Respect" into a hymn for feminism and civil rights

Earlier this month the world lost an icon. Aretha was not just a singer, she became the voice of a generation and generations to come. Most famously known for her version of the song ‘Respect’ which evolved from a hit song into a feminism-infused civil rights hymn. “Redding’s version was devoid of the advocacy and empowerment entrenched in Franklin’s.

Redding asks for respect in general, Franklin's twist in her version asks for a specific portion. Her addition of the “just a little bit” line, she makes it clear that she’s not asking for much—just the bare minimum of human decency. 



3. She Felt Her 'Muscles Weren't Feminine Enough'

One may take a glance and think Aly Raisman along with many Olympic athletes who are in top shape and think there’s no chance they suffer from physical insecurities or body issues. “I don’t want any young athlete to ever walk into a store and feel that their body type isn’t feminine” Raisman said. She has teamed up with aerie for their new campaign to raise awareness and show a more inclusive depiction of females. This is not the first time Aly has taken a stand to empower women, back in February of this year, she graced Sports Illustrated with the picture above. FULL STORY

4. Strong Women, Strong Girls: 4th annual awards

In their fourth annual edition, the 2018 Strong Awards were themed Dream It Do It. The Strong Women Strong Girls organization that empowers girls to build a future through a curriculum grounded on female role models delivered by college mentors, who are themselves mentored by professional women. This year’s keynote speaker, Marita Garrett, who is the town mayor left the room with many memorable moments and lines such as "there is enough shine, there is enough illumination where we can all win in this". READ MORE


5. The Women Of Arrowverse Get Honest about inclusion

These women all star in superhero shows on television, yet it is their work offscreen that is making them superheroes. These leading ladies recognize they are in a position of power and have joined forces to establish Shethority. It is an online global collective looking to inspire a step forward for women everywhere and help cultivate conversations from their unique positive as Hollywood actors yet also playing characters from the very male driven genre of comics. FULL STORY

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