Five Fierce Femme Feats: April '19 Edition

Celebrating and capturing our favourite moments in modern feminism around the globe

1. Record Number of Women Make the List of Time’s Magazine 100 Most Influential People

In the 15 years since Time Magazine began releasing their list of the most influential people, never before has there been as many women making the cuts as this issue. Just under half of the people chosen are women. Time editor-in-chief said the record number of women was “in some ways a reflection of our society,” but also due to an “amazing year” of achievements from the women included on the list. The women on this amazing list include the likes of former First Lady Michelle Obama to Captain Marvel star Brie Larson. FULL STORY

2. Katie Bouman: The Woman Behind the First Black Hole Image

The image of the Black Hole spread like wildfire earlier this month, and it was a female scientist behind this historic image. Dr. Bouman’s research and program, which was previously thought to be impossible allowed for us on Earth to be able to view the Black Hole and capture the images we all witnessed. "When we saw it for the first time, we were all in disbelief. It was quite spectacular” said Bouman. FULL STORY

3. Canadian Climber Makes History: 1st Woman to Summit a Major Subarctic Peak in Winter

Mountain climbing has previously been a male dominated sport, especially when it came to death defying adventures. Along with many changes in our current climate as women are breaking down stereotypes and previously unattempted feats- it should be no surprise to hear of Pascale Marceau recent trek. ‘Female mountaineers have reached higher peaks in other seasons, and some have done winter ascents closer to the equator. But Marceau's feat is widely recognized as a first for women at a subarctic latitude during the coldest season of the year. READ MORE

4. McGraw Lobbies For More Women In Power

The phrase and belief women have that ‘there is room for all of us at the top’ is perfectly exemplified by McGraw. As a minority in her profession as a college basketball coach, she does not see other women as competition or threat - rather it is key for great change to occur.

5. 'Wonder Woman' Director: Own Equal Pay Fight Helps Other Women in Hollywood

As the director of one of the biggest blockbuster hits ‘Wonder Woman”, you may wonder why equal pay is a topic of conversation. Patty Jenkins became an instant role model for young women in the industry as she became the first woman to make a $100-million movie. Jenkins is proud of her work and being a role model but knows she needs to keep fighting for other aspiring females in the industry. FULL STORY

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