Five Fierce Femme Feats- April '18 Edition

Celebrating and capturing our favourite moments in modern feminism around the globe!

1. Pregnant & In Power

Jacinda Ardern is proving we can have it all- powerful career and be a mom, no need chose. Oh, did we mention she's the Prime Minister of New Zealand and the youngest women in the world to lead a country. You go girl!


2. Why Women-led Business Are Winning At Crowd Sourcing

How many of you have worked for a female owner or boss? It is encouraging and uplifting to see more and more women coming out from the shadows and taking the leading role in business. Hopefully when we ask the next generation that question the answer will be more balanced.

Research has shown that women led businesses have shown greater success when it came to finding alternative means to gaining capital. “Research based on studies by the National Women’s Business Council shows that this has to do with women’s use of social networks and willingness to be more open and personal when telling their stories on crowdsourcing sites”. See Full Story


3. Overlooked No More: Motorcycle Queen of Miami

Bessie B. Stringfield legend was big enough to warrant a posthumous induction into the Hall of Fame of the American Motorcyclist Association in 2002, nearly a decade after her 1993 death.

She broke barriers and opened doors by fearlessly following her passion of riding when not only was it not done by women, lesser so a woman of colour in her time. Read More about this Fierce Femme who was ahead of her time.


4. Augusta National Takes an Unexpected Turn

A course as famous and entrenched in traditions as Augusta has been slow to adapt to modern times in terms of their inclusivity. It wasn’t until 2012 that women were even allowed to be members.

Earlier this month, the new chairman of Augusta National broke some news that was way overdue. Fred Ridley “announced that the club would create and help host the Augusta National Women’s Amateur Championship next year”. Click HERE for more.


5. Why Women Need to ‘Infiltrate Our Industries’ to Shift the Power Balance

"Throughout her career, Keys has written songs with feminist themes, but none is quite so obvious, or memorable, as 2012’s smash hit “Girl on Fire,” which became a global anthem for femininity”.

Alicia Keys has an undeniably talented singing voice- but that’s not the only voice that is powerful and moving. In this article she discusses her #nomakeup movement along with other poignant topics.Read More

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