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Five Fierce Female Feats - March 2017 Edition


This month, Beauty and the Beast opens in theaters, sparking all kinds of discussions about feminism, Belle's updated persona, and all things Disney. Debate over actress Emma Watson's outspoken feminism vs. her sexuality have also come under fire from critics. She posed for Vanity Fair, in a revealing shirt, which some said invalidated her outspoken views as a feminist.  

Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris, California Senator, stands firm in her ourspoken stance on supporting Planned Parenthood. These days, Twitter is her platform, with popular "She Persisted" tweets featuring photos of woman leaders. Inspiring us all, she maintains a voice of strength for women's rights. 

 Fearless Girl

On March 7 2017, the eve of International Women's Day, a bronze statue of a little girl appeared facing the iconic Wall Street Bull. Since then it has been visited and photographed on an international media level. The girl stands defiant and brave in the face of a charging bull, which many read as a clear feminist statement.  

Emma watson responds to her feminism critics

French Feminist Group 52 starts world wide meme  

The French group is responsible for the fictitious photo of women signing a legal document that would forbid men to ejaculate outside of procreation. This was a direct response to the Trump administration signing into law forbidding any funding to organizations that speak or assist in women's abortions worldwide. 

Appreciation of African Feminism

Africa has been a difficult continent for women's rights, with many girls suffering female genital mutilation, stigma around girls periods, and education rights for women and girls. Meet some women strengthening the movement for equal rights.  Learn how African Feminism is changing the world. 

Leandra Collier
Leandra Collier


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