Five Fierce Femme Feats: June Edition

A monthly feature celebrating, recognizing and supporting fellow female rockstars around the globe!

1. Cornerstone Housing Releases Impressive Statement: 

Tease Tea June Chairitea Cornerstone Women's Shelter Ottawa


Ottawa, ON –  Each month Tease Tea partners with a local women’s group to empower, support, and celebrate their important community work.

Cornerstone provides emergency shelter and supportive housing for a diversity of women. 

Their services are offered in an environment which promotes dignity and a sense of hope.

Cornerstone is committed to public education and advocacy, and strives to increase safe, affordable housing and to end homelessness.

Celebrating achievements: 

In 2015, 915 single women became homeless in Ottawa. Cornerstone was able to help 507 of them. Their incredible team has plans to keep developing new opportunities for women to take hold of their futures in the knowledge that they are surrounded by people who believe in them.


2. The Biggest Box-Office Actress Right Now Is a Lesbian

Ellen Degeneres


Ellen DeGeneres has shattered Hollywood's gay glass ceiling,

The out lead voice actor of Finding Dory helped the film ride another wave of box-office success. In its second weekend, the Disney/Pixar production surpassed estimates to pool $73.2 million, reports ABC News, beating Independence Day: Resurgence's opening-weekend take of $41.6 million in the U.S. market.


3. Lena Dunahm speaks out about Kanye West's 'Famous' video, feeling "Sad and unsafe and worried for women"

Lena Dunham loves art. She loves Kanye West. But right now, she doesn’t love Kanye West’s art.

In fact, she’s calling the “Famous” video “one of the more disturbing ‘artistic’ efforts in recent memory.” We couldn't agree more. 

The video has yet to be officially released to the public though features the following in wax figure likeness, naked in bed together: George W. Bush. Donald Trump. Anna Wintour. Rihanna. Chris Brown. Taylor Swift. Kanye West. Kim Kardashian West. Ray J. Amber Rose. Caitlyn Jenner. Bill Cosby. 

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4. Republican Gwen Moore Stands Up For Poor Americans.

You won’t hear this often in  America, but there’s been a lot of good work happening in Congress these days. Not only are Senate Democrats standing stronger than we’ve seen against the gun lobby, but hero and Wisconsin Rep. Gwen Moore has proposed an act that would require the top 1% of Americans to be drug tested before receiving tax breaks (of which they receive, like, a lot). The “top 1% accountability act of 2016” is in direct response to Paul Ryan’s genius unveiling of the GOP’s “A Better Way” plan to combat poverty--some would say to combat poor people themselves instead of the institution of poverty, but who’s splittin’ hairs--which perpetuates a long-standing, and unfounded, narrative and stereotype that poor people are drug-addicted and therefore don’t deserve government help. Tired of this classist and racist trend, Moore took a stand to prove a point about the way we treat people based on socioeconomic status. 

5. Birth Control Apps Pop Onto Tech Scene.

There’s finally an app for that. birth control delivery apps are hittin’ the market hard this week, making it possible--easy, in fact--for women and others to receive the contraceptives they need that usually require an in-person consultation with a doc.
Apps like Nurx allow people with any background and socioeconomic status (as long as they have access to a device) to obtain the products necessary, ranging from the pill, to Plan B, to NuvaRing without needing to take time off work or travel far in search of a doctor willing to prescribe, and offers virtual consultation for patients trying new products. We love to see modern-day tech being put to such feminist use!

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