Five Fierce Femme Feats - December Edition

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1. Issa Rae, our new Woman Crush for December  
Meet Issa Rae, a 31 year old actress, writer, producer and overall genius. Her hit TV show Insecure on HBO is breaking down barriers and sparking conversation about women of color today. Best friends, ex boyfriends, loyalty, biting comedy, and drama all wrapped into one fantastically written show.
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“The best thing about being a girl is, now I don’t have to pretend to be a boy,” says 9 year old Avery Jackson. The issue looks at evolving gender and what the landscape looks like today. On newsstands December 27, 2016.
emmy rossum tease tea five fierce female feats FFFF
Actress Emmy Rossum went on strike, refusing to sign her contract for season 8, until they offered her equal pay to costar William H. Macy. As a fearless feminist, she didn't back down, in the end it paid off. Literally. 
Jessica Bennett feminism five fierce female feats tease tea
One a month Jessica and her friends get together and talk about goings on in their lives. They started Feminist Fight Club to vent about sexism, work, and everything in between. Here, Bust interviews her asking 5 questions. 
Plus an excerpt! Read HERE!  
madonna five fierce female feats tease tea speech feminism awards FFFF
Madonna gets real in a speech for Billboard Women in Music Awards regarding women in the music industry. Women regularly experience sexism and poor treatment, Madonna and had some words about her own long career and experience. 

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