Five Fierce Fem Feats: September ‘19 Edition

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Author Aly Dort / Category Lifestyle / Published: August 2019

#1. Betye Saar’s Life Works Are Finally In The Spotlight At The Age Of 93

At 93 years of age and after spending her entire life devoted to her art practice, Betye’s political and revolutionary art is finally being highlighted at not only one, but two solo art exhibits this Fall. The shows will take place at two major museums in New York and Los Angelas.

As to why her work hasn’t long been praised widely? Betye’s work, predominantly created using scaled assemblage (similar to a 3D collage of items and materials)- encompasses an arrangement of historically ostracized themes such as American racism, global culture and personal history.

Take a gander at her life’s work and it may be difficult to sit with... but that discomfort is an important part of collective growth.

Until very recently, the mainstream world of art has been particularly unwelcoming to African-American art and Betye says this show is “... about damn time!”.

The manner in which this incredibly tenacious woman maintained empowerment despite a lifetime of oppression and rejection is astounding, and the celebration of her work is long overdue.

Betye’s Show, “MoMA will debut at the Museum Of Modern Art on Monday, October 21st, 2019 and her show “Call And Response” will open on Sunday, September 22nd at the Los Angelas County Museum Of Art.

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#2. Nudestix Is Making Our Lizzie McGuire Dreams Come True

If you grew up watching Lizzie McGuire, get ready for the perfect fan-girl collaboration and a blast from the past! Hilary Duff, now 31 and a mother of two, has partnered with family-owned beauty brand, Nudestix, to release a collection of effortless, mom-approved beauty products that are perfect on-the-go.

She says her goal for the collaboration is “to creat ehe ideal accessory for every woman to get their glam on the go, with a little extra time to follow their dreams.” And the Daydreamer Collection is, in our opinion, pretty dreamy! Each of the sticks lend themselves to the versatility needed to go from natural to glam in the same effortless way Nudestix embodies.

What’s even better? This beautiful collection precedes the very-anticipated reboot of Lizzie McGuire! So, grab your denim jacket, hair Barrett’s, bell bottom jeans and your favourite Nudestix and get amped up with all of the details here. 


#3. Indigenous, 2-Spirit Couple Wins Amazing Race Canada

... and used their opportunity to compete to highlight important issues affecting Indigenous and other marginalized communities. Not only across Canada, but across the globe.

Throughout the competition, they used their outfits to create dialogue on issues they felt particularly passionate about. They wore red  in tribute to the missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls and shirts reading “water is life” to call attention to the cultural importance of water and the Indigenous water crisis throughout Canada. Their team name, Team Ahkameyimok, is from the Plains Cree language, meaning “don’t give up” or “keep going” and that’s exactly what they did.

The couple, Makokis and Johnson, have created representation not only for Indigenous people but also for the LGBTQIA+ and Two-Spirit communities: two communities still largely under-represented in mainstream media. Two-Spirit is a term used by some Indigenous people to describe their gender as well as their sexual and/or spiritual identity. It’s often used by those who identify as having both masculine and feminine spirit, though it’s used as an umbrella term to encompass “a wide variety of gender variance” according to Re:Searching For LGBTQ Health Canada.

Now that Makokis and Johnson have been named the winners of Amazing Race Canada, they want to use their new platform and fame to continue this work and raise funds for a cultural healing centre in the Kehewin Cree Nation in Alberta: an act of empowerment not only for the couple but for Indigenous communities at large. Read the full story here.

#4. Margaret Atwood’s Eagerly Awaited “The Testament” Is Finally Here!

34 years after its well-loved and widely renowned prequel, The Handmaid’s Tale, Margaret Atwood’s The Testament is now on shelves at book stores across the globe! Ok... maybe not, since the novel was released on Tuesday, September 10th and was eagerly awaited by millions, but you might get lucky!

The Handmaid’s Tale has recently gained a resurgence in popularity thanks in part to the television series based on the novel. The television series aired its first episode in 2017 and it’s resonating with people even more so, as it speaks to women’s issues that are especially prevalent in the media today, within the #metoo era.

Not to mention that Atwood’s literature is well-loved, highly regarded and easily devoured.

Atwood is regarded by many as one of the great Canadian authors as well as an outspoken activist and feminist figure. She offers dystopian fiction that sometimes eerily resembles the world issues we are facing even 34 years later.

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#5. Taylor Swift Gives Us The Tea

Taylor Swift sat down with the Rolling Stone and gave us the real tea on the past few years of her rollercoaster of a life. Her selective silence over big media news like the 2017 election and her feud with Kanye has come to an end and she’s embracing empowerment by reclaiming the mic and shedding light on what’s really been going on. Namely, confessing that she felt everything she did or said at the time was mocked and ridiculed, feeding her silence.

She sets the record straight on her now-infamous phone call with Kanye West, noting that there’s a lot of events leading up to the call and a chain reaction of being wildly (and public ally) disrespected, mocked and played a fool. Her interview is vulnerable and demonstrates an authenticity that reminds us Swift isn’t immune to human struggles. Ultimately, the interview shows us that sometimes, choosing the right time to speak allows you a greater platform for which to speak about the overly critical and sometimes cruel nature of women in the media... And invites us to still rise from the flames at the end. Read the full interview here

Aly Dort is a freelance illustrator and stationery designer living in Halifax, N.S. She is passionate about mental health, social sustainability and empowering those around her.

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