Five Fierce Fem Feats November ‘19 Edition

Tease Tea Ethical Tea Empowerment

#1. 7-Year Old Blue Ivy Wins A Soul Train Award For “Brown Skin Girl” 

We all knew there would likely come a time where Blue Ivy, daughter of Beyonce and Jay-Z, would earn her own spotlight. The 7-year old was awarded the Soul Train Award for Best Songwriting this past week for her part in creating the song, Brown Skin Girl, which she also sings in. Blue Ivy is being celebrated for more than her songwriting and vocal talents, however: she is also claiming space for the empowerment of other young black women around the globe, and she’s doing a kick-a** job at it! Read the full story here.

#2. Michelle Obama Nominated For Grammy Award

You read that right! Former First Lady, Michelle Obama was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album. Specifically, in reference to the audiobook version of “Becoming”, which released last Fall. The memoir is projected to be the best-selling memoir ever, which comes as no surprise, considering she is widely adored. So, if you (like me), find yourself a bit too scatter-brained to sit down and read her incredible memoir, you might consider listening to Michelle herself talk about empowerment in the audio version. Read the full story here.

#3. Lizzo Is Most Nominated Artist At This Year’s Grammy Awards

With 8 Grammy Award nominations, Lizzo leads as Most Nominated Artist of the year at this year’s Grammy Awards and takes the opportunity to get on Instagram and express her gratitude: “I’m Crying... Cuz I love you” she writes. We love you back, Lizzo! This powerhouse has made huge waves of empowerment this past year, but not after years and years of perseverance. Lizzo teaches all of us that we are absolutely capable of achieving and dreaming bigger. Read the full story here.

Tease Tea Ethical Tea Empowerment

#4. Candice Carty-Williams Is Creating Space For BIPOC In The World Of Publishing... And Is Killing It!

She may have only begun her writing journey 3 years ago, but Candice Carty-Williams is already garnering the attention of the Costa Book Awards. After joining a writing retreat with the desire to create more representation for black women in the British publishing scene, she says she never would have thought she’d be here today. Her book, Queenie, features a young black Londoner that Costa writes is “eminently readable, funny and thought-provoking”. Read more about Candice Carty-Williams and her book, Queenie, here and see the Costa Book Awards shortlist for 2019 here.

#5. Sporty Spice- Or, Melanie C, as she’s known today- Is Finally Embracing Herself (And Has Released Her New Single!)

We can all admit that we’ve envied The Spice Girls and the empowerment and confidence each of the characters appear to possess, but Melanie C- otherwise known as Sporty Spice- says she hasn’t truly accepted and embraced herself until very recently. The now-45 year old is finally stepping into her own, and is releasing more music this coming year. If you haven’t yet seen her single called High Heels, ft. Sink Pink, it’s a must-watch for any Spice Girls fans. Read the full story here.


 Aly Dort is a freelance illustrator and stationery designer living in Halifax, N.S. She is passionate about mental health, social sustainability and empowering those around her.

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