Five Fierce Fem Feats August 2019 Edition

Author Aly Dort / Category Lifestyle / Published: August 2019

Celebrating And Capturing Moments In Modern Feminism Around The Globe

Staying up-to-date on what’s happening around the world can feel daunting: Especially because finding empowering, positive news feels scarce.
That’s why we are so excited to bring back our monthly series that celebrates moments in modern feminism all around the world.

Here are Five Fierce Femme Feats this month to help you grasp onto the inspiration and empowerment to take on the world.

#1. The 19th Amendment Turns 100! And We’re Finally Untangling The Many Threads That Comprise Our Fight For Equal Rights

We have finally begun to showcase and embrace the many starting points that have propelled the Women’s Rights movement forward. Namely, the work that extraordinary women of colour have done, which is rarely taught and celebrated.

Teaching these important pieces of history through an inclusive lease is a vital step in modern feminism, and three exhibitions around the globe are working hard to highlight the many stories and triumphs woven into our history. Read the full story on the three exhibitions here and learn about the many waves of the Women’s Rights movement here.

#2. Saudi Women Are Now Legally Able To Travel, Divorce, And Apply For Official Documents Without Needing Permission From A Male Guardian

Women in Saudi Arabia are widely embracing a much-needed reform that encourages empowerment and conversation surrounding women’s rights within the context of Western religion. This is a great first step to improve and foster equality. This change also has major implications for women escaping domestic abuse, who are disproportionately affected by the previous laws governing Saudi women. As Dr. Maha al-Muneef of the National Family Safety Program states, “It will improve the situation of abused women dramatically because those who are affected most by the guardianship law usually suffer from domestic violence.”

Overall, this law represents a mighty impact and another opportunity for women to choose what is best for their own selves. Read the full story.

#3. Simone Biles Is Fostering Empowerment By Loudly And Unapologetically Celebrating Her Wins

“Women are encouraged to feel like we have to be humble in our successes...” states soccer player, Alex Morgan. But Simone Biles, Olympic Gold Medalist, is celebrating her wins loudly and setting the stage for all of us to follow suit. “One of the many remarkable things about Biles is that she makes empowerment and self-confidence seem uncomplicated.”

From having her name bedazzled onto her leotard- something generally only done by male athletes- to openly discussing how she is amazed by her talent, Biles shows us that taking little jabs at the unwritten rules governing how proud women are allowed to be can go a long way to re-write them. Read the full story here.


The World’s First Museum Dedicated To The Vulva Is Coming To London To Help Combat The Stigma Associated With Female Genitals

There are museums celebrating the male sex organ all over the world, and even one dedicated entirely to the penis in Reykjavik, Iceland. So, it was just a matter of time before a dedicated space to discuss the vulva was created.

“It’s really important because it’s a hugely stigmatized part of the body and that leads to some real world consequences” says Florence Schechter, one of the museum’s directors.

The museum presents an important dialogue about the only body part that is still widely considered too uncomfortable and taboo to talk about- the vulva and vagina. Even the terms themselves are enough to make some people uncomfortable, let alone the damaging societal beliefs surrounding menstruation, female pleasure and normal vaginal functionings. I suspect some readers are even uncomfortable reading this, which simply illustrates a need to destigmatize and further discuss how things like a Vagina Museum can be a tool for feminist empowerment. Read the full story here.


Entrepreneurs Are Coming Together To Use Their Platforms To Help Fund Women-Lead Businesses.


Female-founded companies are consistently securing only 3% of venture capital investments, and so passionate entrepreneurs from all fields and backgrounds are coming together to create space- and funds- for other women-lead businesses. The Founders Fund successfully launched a program here in Canada, specifically designated for businesses lead by women and under-represented genders. In its very first round of funding, this incredible team of Founders were able to fund five small businesses, many of whom are women of colour. Why is this aspect in particular an important one?

Women of colour are still disproportionately affected by the pay gap and black women in particular receive strikingly less than 1% of funding available.

Bustle does a great job of breaking down some of the numbers for us in this article, but it’s clear that we have a long way to go before we reach pay parity for all women- and especially women of colour.

Watching a group of entrepreneurs designate funding opportunities to those routinely overlooked demonstrates the importance and ability to make shifts and pave paths for others to follow in their footsteps.

Read the full story on The Founders Fund’s impact to date.

Aly Dort is a freelance illustrator and stationery designer living in Halifax, N.S. She is passionate about mental health, social sustainability and empowering those around her.

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