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Fall Feature: Apple Marteani by Tease Tea

 Apple Marteani by Tease Tea fall promo

Luscious apple with hints of sweet caramel abound.

First, freshly plucked leaves are steamed after plucking and bruised by machine or hand. Next the leaf is pan-fried or basket fired - a process that gives the tea its distinctive glossy look and feel. Senchas typically have dark green, needle shaped leaves and produce a pale green to yellow, very bright, smooth cup with a sweetish finish.

The natural sweetness of the tea makes it the perfect compliment to our dried Apple pieces inspired by the crisp autumn air and natural fruit flavourings. The finished product is light with grassy undertones, tart notes of crisp apple and subtle layers of honey.

Some like it hot. Some like it iced. Some like it shaken with a splash of vodka, for a sweet cocktail that's oh-so nice. 

Available for a limited time only!


Tease Admin
Tease Admin


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