6 Convincing Reasons to Drink More Tea During Long Office Working Hours



Working long office hours is a challenge for our bodies and our mind. Sitting in your office chair for a long time, and stressing out about your job can take a tow on your health. While it's clear to us that you have to work, and you simply need to sit through your office hours, we still believe you can make the whole experience better. Drinking more tea during those long hours will have beneficial effects for your body and mind.


1. Stress Relief


Work can be stressful. With all the deadlines, projects, and workload, you might start feeling anxious and tense.

Plus, anxiety and stress are among the main causes of other health issues such as respiratory and cardiac issues.

This is exactly why you have to think about preserving your health and maintain a balance within your mind.

Drinking some calming tea will help you:

  • reduce the stress
  • lower your anxiety
  • deal with problems with less worrying
  • calm your body down
  • preserve your health

This is a great reason for you to always have a cup of calming tea steaming on your desk and sip it whenever you feel tense.


2. Energy Increase

Most people turn to coffee or energy drinks when they feel tired or worn down, but tea can be equally as strong when it comes to boosting your energy.

“Long office hours can wear you down and make you feel like you’ve spent your last grain of energy. When you feel the need for boosting your energy levels, turn to an energizing tea”, says Melanie Sovann, an editor at Grab My Essay.

Energizing tea is great because:

  • it has less caffeine than coffee
  • it’s healthier than an energy drink
  • it’s natural and good for your body
  • it will make you feel reenergized quickly

Instead of poisoning your body with unhealthy drinks, and tons of coffee, just stick to an energizing tea.

You'll see how much energy it can give you and you'll be ready to power through the rest of your workday.




3. Improve Focus

When you’re sitting in the same office for hours, looking at the same laptop screen or a bunch of papers, your concentration is bound to hit a low point.

“Keeping your focus and staying productive during your entire shift might seem impossible. But, drinking focus-improving tea, such as black tea, can help you stay on the right track”, says Helene Cue, a content writer at WowGrade.

Drinking tea can help you:

  • keep your mind active
  • improve your focus
  • expand your attention span
  • stay concentrated for a longer period

This is a great reason for you to drink tea during office hours, and make it easier on yourself to finish all you’ve got for the day.


4. Boost Your Immune System

People are supposed to be active and spend as much time as possible outdoors. But, for those of us working the long hours in an office, it’s a long shot.

Since you’re spending a lot of time sitting, and being physically inactive, your body might become weaker.

Thus, it will be prone to illnesses and your health might be at risk.

The good news is, drinking immunity tea at work can help you:

  • boost your immune system
  • make your body stronger
  • fight off viruses, bacteria, or a cold
  • stay healthy

Making your immune system stronger is a must, so make sure you drink plenty of tea to help you out.



5. Improve Your Mood

Keeping on a smiley face is not the same as actually feeling good. When work stress kicks in, and we start feeling down, it’s hard to keep a positive attitude.

However, drinking tea can help you out with boosting your mood and feeling better.

There are mood improvement teas which can:

  • improve your mood
  • boost your energy
  • help you stay positive
  • ensure you work feeling relaxed and satisfied


A mood improvement tea will work on your entire system and help you get through whatever might be bringing you down. As a result, you'll feel better going home after work every day and look forward to your next day at the office.


6. Boost Your Metabolism

When you think about the way you spend your office working hours, it’s mostly sitting down and not moving very much. If you do move, it’s usually just to reach for the copy machine or walk to the toilet.

This lack of physical activity is not the best thing you can do to your body.

When inactive, your body slows it’s metabolism down and that might be an issue for people who gain weight quickly.

To prevent yourself from gaining weight and keep your body active during work hours, you can drink a metabolism-boosting tea, such as Yerba Mate.

It will:

  • keep your body active
  • speed up your metabolism
  • help you prevent weight gain
  • ensure you stay fit

You can also try out different wellness teas to maximize the beneficial effects.



Tea is a natural and healthy solution for a series of issues and problems you may be facing during those long office hours. It can improve your mood, energy levels, focus, and preserve your health.

The reasons above are all we need to start drinking tea at the office more often. We hope you’d join in and improve your office hours today.


Estelle Liotard is an enthusiastic writer, who uses the written word to share her passions with the rest of the world. She covers various topics, from lifestyle and health, to psychology tips. Apart from being a freelance blogger, she also works as a writer at Supreme Dissertations and BestEssayEducation. She uses her profound editing skill on her job as an editor at Is Accurate and helps her friend with his business blog.

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