The Best Loose Leaf Teas To Pair With Lemonade This Summer

The Best Loose Leaf Teas To Pair With Lemonade This Summer
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The Best Loose Leaf Tea To Pair With Lemonade This Summer

Author Aly Dort / Category Lifestyle / Published: July 2019

Summer is in full swing here in Canada, and the sun is a’blazing. You all know what that means: Goodbye, hot beverages, hello iced tea!

Even better, hello iced tea lemonade!

Adding lemonade to your iced tea is an easy way to level up your tea game and makes for an impressive addition to any gatherings you might be attending.

I know from experience, however, that not all loose leaf teas pair well with lemonade. So, we’ve compiled a list of teas that will surely quench your thirst!


Peach Pie

Something about the heat makes me long for light, juicy beverages like that of our Peach Pie loose leaf tea. The subtle taste of this tea is complimented nicely by the slight tartness of lemonade, making this combination a breezy refreshment for any occasion.

Because it’s caffeine free, it’s suitable for even those dinner time barbecues and is sure to be loved by the little ones, too.

Optional garnish: Peach or apple slices. Perhaps a few chamomile petals, if you’re feeling really fancy.

This loose leaf tea is our idea of paradise. Inspired by tropical sunsets, this vibrant tea changes colour when mixed with a touch of lemon juice and pairs just as beautifully with lemonade. Add some lemonade ice cubes to your pitcher to keep your drink cool.

Optional garnish: Lemon slices, lemonade ice cubes


Pineapple Punch

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional (or caffeinated), you’ll want to try this no-brainer combination. Our Pineapple Punch loose leaf tea pairs pineapple with coconut, apple and black tea to make for a perfect tropical beverage.

Optional garnish: Pineapple slices


If you really want to impress your loved ones and be prepared all Summer long, buy all three of these Summer favourites in our Summer Trio bundle and enjoy these limited edition thirst quenchers while they last!

Making Your Iced Tea

We recommend making your iced tea from scratch using your loose leaf tea. Not only will it be much cheaper, but will deliver much better flavour than one you picked up at the store. It’s also much easier than you think. Check out our post on how to make your own iced tea here.

You can also cold brew your loose leaf tea overnight, using our Cold Brew Pitcher. Cold brewing your tea produces a smoother flavour profile with more nutrients because of its slow extraction process. The “brew time” varies, depending on the tea type, so check out our post on cold brewing to determine the appropriate brew time for your tea.

In terms of how much lemonade to pair with your iced tea, that depends on your taste! I’ve found that simply topping off my iced tea with some lemonade is the perfect amount. The best way to determine how much to use is to experiment. Just remember that it’s easier to add a little more than to take any away!

And finally, if you’re looking for a fun way to use your new Iced Tea Lemonade skills, why not make it boozy? There are many great recipes out there, but we recommend the classic Arnold Palmer: take a peek at our recipe here!


Don’t forget to pour those extras into your favourite popsicle mould, and Happy Sipping!

Aly Dort is a freelance illustrator and stationery designer living in Halifax, N.S. She is passionate about mental health, social sustainability and empowering those around her.

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