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Tea & Food Pairings: Featuring Chef Carla Hall's Cookies & Tease Tea

We’ve all heard about the traditional food and wine pairing and appreciate when a delicious, rich tannic cabernet sauvignon is flawlessly paired with a slow roasted, medium rare prime rib or a buttery glass of chardonnay to compliment the savory, dark chocolate lava cake. But why should those people who choose not to indulge in an alcoholic beverage be robbed of the same experience? Would you believe that tea could offer the same savoir-faire?

Tease NYC and Celebrity Chef Carla Hall are turning this passion into reality every weekend at the Gansevoort Market in New York City. Carla calls them “petite bites of love made for sharing” we call them “a little taste of heaven”!

 Tease NYC has paired blends with both Carla’s sweet and savory collection offering the public an opportunity to indulge in tea & cookie perfection!  They have some creative names for the pairings that will definitely spark your curiosity!

Grass Fed Cow’ is a pairing of Carla’s Cheddar Pecan cookie with Tease Tea’s Sencha Secrets, a high quality Japanese Sencha green tea that offers a sweet grassiness softening the bold cheddar resulting in a creamy, earthy indulgence.

Hot & Spicy’ is a pairing of Carla’s Harissa Spiced Nuts with Tease Tea’s Organic Breakfast at Tiffany’s, an organic blend of Chinese black tea and safflowers. The soft toasted and jam-like notes will balance the heat and enhance the nutty flavor keeping your mouth watering for more.

Tongue Thai’d Shortbread’ is a pairing of Carla’s Pecan Shortbread with Vanilla Salt and Tease Tea’s Tongue Thai’d, a South African rooibos blended with Thai lemon and lemongrass. Rooibos will balance the sweet saltiness and enhance the creamy nut flavor with its natural rich earthy undertones.

 ‘Thin Mint’ is a pairing of Carla’s Chocolate Hazelnut Praline with Tease Tea’s Midnight Mint, an herbal blend of spearmint, sunflowers and rose.  This fusion of mint and chocolate will offer nostalgia of your childhood days diving into mint chocolate chip ice cream and peppermint pattie’s.

"Thin Mint" Tea & Cookie Pairing 

Stop by the Gansevoort Market this weekend to get your hands on these pairings and so much more with Chef Carla Hall & Tease Tea NYC!


-Written by Caitlyn Squires


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