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'Beauty Tea' is the Latest Fashion: Guest Blog Post by Emma White


The latest wave to hit the fashion circuit is Beauty Tea. Beauty tea consists of the different kinds of tea that help to enhance one's beauty and health.

 Tea has been around for ages and yet, it’s only recently that more and more people are realizing its true potential. In the fashion world, tea has been the new craze that has hit the fashion people. It’s not just any tea that the fashion people are interested in, it’s the Beauty Tea! The fact that models are drinking more and more beauty tea shows how the craze has hit the fashion industry hard. As before the beauty tea obsession, champagnes, wines and lots of other relaxing substances were popular among models backstage at fashion shows. Now ever since the fashion industry has discovered that different kinds of tea have antioxidants and catechins and polyphenols, they have been really excited to go down the path of tea instead of coffee. This shows that models are doing what they can and should to take care of their figure and skin, which are important for them in their line of work.

The ComeBack

Tea has always had a huge fan base since it was discovered. But it has never been an easy journey for those, who enjoy sipping many cups of all kinds of tea in a day. From being called names to being labeled as victims of bad teeth because of tea, ardent tea drinkers have been through a lot. Now that tea is being called the latest trend in the fashion world where models are busy sipping one cup after the other, tea drinkers can bask in the glory of having discovered its benefits first. For models at fashion shows, expect nonfat lattes, espressos and black coffees to be exchanged for a simple beauty tea in the forms of different kinds of herbal tea.

Why Tea in Fashion?

Before tea made a comeback in the fashion industry, there were other health brews that the fashion people relied heavily on, like activated-charcoal tonics, bone broths and turmeric nut milks. So why the discovery of tea now in the fashion world? We all know that tea is rich in antioxidants and is an energy booster, but what makes it interesting enough for models to consume it on a regular basis? Those, who work in the fashion industry specifically models, have come to realize that tea plays a huge part in helping them keep their looks as fresh as possible. With the hectic lifestyle that fashion models lead, beauty tea is the one drink they look forward to consume to help them lead a healthy lifestyle.  On the whole, models have realized that no matter what they do, it is what they drink and eat that will eventually show on their complexions. This is why instead of showing what they are wearing or how skinny they are, models have started sharing the kinds of beauty tea that they are drinking on social networking sites.

Popular Beauty Tea

It must be good news for the tea industry to know that the fashion people enjoy sipping all kinds of tea. Some of the most popular types of tea backstage at fashion shows are green tea, matcha tea, Egyptian licorice tea, black tea, rooibos tea and chamomile. All types of tea are filled with anti-inflammatory properties, but Egyptian licorice tea seems to have more of that. As for chamomile tea, it’s a huge favorite due to the calming effect that it provides to its drinkers. After an exhausting fashion show, it is Matcha that provides a relaxing element to the models because of its antioxidants and amino acids that also make their skin look better. Aside from the types of tea that models prefer, there are also special brands of tea that have become huge favorites among famous models. Brands, such as Kusmi Tea, Joe’s Tea Co., Aloha, Sakara, Daphnis and Chloe and Negin Niknejad’s Love Potion, are currently ruling the fashion world when it comes to favorite tea blends.

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Emma White considers herself to be one of the biggest tea fans on earth. Her day starts with tea and ends with tea. She knows the ins and outs of all kinds of tea. Which tea is perfect for what occasion? Which blend is right to cure a particular disease? Who needs what kind of tea most? She knows it all. Most importantly, she's on a mission to make people discover the good benefits of tea.

Guest Blogger: Emma White

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