Guest Blog: 7 Things To Look Forward To This Fall

Autumn is officially in full swing as the morning air feels crisper and the sun sets earlier bringing change to our environment and lifestyles. Personally, Autumn is my favourite season… I mean it’s pretty hard to beat staying in for cozy evenings, hot beverages and meals, and you’re classic pumpkin spices making it’s grand appearance. It’s hard to not fall in love with Fall.. and here’s our favourite 7 reasons to look forward to this beautiful season…

1. Hot soup tastes so much better in Autumn

Hands up for a warm bowl of soup after a long chilly day. Who doesn’t love a hot vegetable soup while running through your favourite Netflix series? Hearty meals with aromas from thyme and rosemary... the perfect melt-in-your-mouth soup ALWAYS tastes better in the Autumn!

2. Snuggling up to a warm hot beverage on a cool day

Autumn is definitely the season for hot drinks. A hot tea and blankie… say no more. Is it just me or does a warm cup of tea or coffee just tastes a million times better when the morning air is cooler and the colourful fallen leaves create this atmosphere of keeping both your insides and outsides full of love and warmth.

3. Cozy and comfy Fall Fashion

It’s really hard not to love Fall Fashion, especially when it entails cozy knits, big scarves, and long booties!! Tis the season for layering of clothes and fuzzy socks sitting in the back of your closet, living in your leggings, and pretty much being comfortable and cozy all day… Fall fashion is pretty hard to beat!

4. Getting spoiled by nature with the changing colours of leaves

The fallen leaves… the red, yellow, hand green hues are so pleasing to the eyes. Everything and anything is colourful. We can’t forget that oddly pleasurable feeling of that crunchy sound underneath your boots with every step is always something to look forward to.

5. Fall Spices are the best…

Just the taste of them brings out those nostalgic fall feels to warm your soul during this chillier season. Some of our favourite scents in the air and to taste include the classic pumpkin spice, creamy vanilla, sultry cinnamon, and soothing ginger! Snag our limited edition Pumpkin Spice tea which celebrates some fall notes!!

6. The excitement and spirit that Halloween brings

There’s something quite special that dressing up in your favourite superhero, animal, or weird social media trend can bring. The enthusiasm around carved pumpkins, vampire teeth, and creative costumes brings lots of festivity to plan your outfit whether you’re headed to hang out with friends, going to an event, or dressing up for a family dinner party! Halloween is just the best mid-autumnal festivity.

7. Visiting your local Pumpkin patch

The great thing about Fall is it brings out our inner child every time! Visiting a pumpkin patch and reliving those childhood times when choosing your very own pumpkin was life!! Not to mention those totally Insta worthy pics you can snap with friends at pumpkin patches is always a fun time!!


Author's Bio:

Carrie Ly started Carrie Project as a personal project to create a outlet to release creativity. She felt if she was able to lighten someones day in someway through something she's created, or maybe made someone feel a little less alone in this crazy big world, or inspired someone in some way tiny way, that would make her the happiest person. "Carrie Project was started for me but at the end of the day it’s a place for all of us – we’re all family in this beautifully created world."


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