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7 Reasons Why a Teatox (Tea Detox) Works

It’s that time of the year again, when our New Years resolutions start to fade and we get back into old habits. Going to the break room and sampling cookies every 15 minutes? We feel you. That resolution to cut down coffee packed with sugar is fading just like your energy at 2 pm? Yup, we get that too. With so many options out there for juice cleanses, fad diets, and weird weight loss pills, how is one to choose? If you’re busy like us, we can’t avoid regular meals, and don’t want to experience hangry at every meeting or when picking up the kids.

That’s why a Teatox may be the perfect option! Versions of a tea cleanse have been used for hundreds of years, and the best ones are all natural.

1. You can eat like a normal person: If skipping meals makes you feel light headed just thinking about it, look no further. Unlike a juice cleanse, meal skipping is not encouraged. “If you routinely skip breakfast, you may be headed for trouble, says Leah Cahill, PhD, of the Harvard School of Public Health. One of Cahill’s studies found that women who skipped breakfast regularly had a 20% increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.” In a teatox cleanse, healthy eating is highly encouraged. Some of the changes in diet can be to cut out dairy, red meat, lower your fat intake, and make sure to eat lots of whole fresh vegetables.


2. Energy boost: Tease Tea’s 30 & 15 Day Triple Teatox Daytime base is Yerba Mate, which has numerous health benefits including helping to metabolize fat and keep energy level throughout the day. Coffee, although delicious, has the effect of high energy then crash, which means we need more and more to get the same effects. Unlike coffee, Yerba Mate doesn’t have the crash. In fact, drinking Mate is an excellent way to make good on those resolutions to cut back on coffee since the caffeine content will help prevent withdrawal headaches. It’ll keep you alert for hours and help stay focused to meet all those important deadlines.


3. Hydration: Not to pick on coffee, but studies have shown that coffee dehydrates you. Tea on the other hand, is an excellent way to drink water. Our favorite way to drink tea is refill the hot water until all the flavor is gone, add a little lemon and it’s a perfect flush for your system. Doctors say we need 8 glasses a day, and soda doesn’t count! Drinking tea throughout your day will not just detox your liver and kidneys, but make your skin glow.

4. It works when you don’t:  While the daytime keeps you sharp and boosts metabolism, the Evening blend is formulated to gently cleanse your body while you sleep. One strong cup of hot herbal Triple Teatox before bed and you not only sleep like a baby, but wake up to being regular. Some teatox’s add laxatives or unhealthy unnatural additives. It’s important to choose a teatox that is all natural and doesn’t have any ingredients you are allergic to. Senna leaf is an excellent way to cleanse our internal organs and intestinal system, it tastes good and paired with rose petals, decaf green tea, and honey, can be an excellent way to detox.

5. It’s good for your overall health: Tea is famous for it’s immune boosting properties and ability to holistically cure all kinds of bodily problems. Yerba Mate has amino acids, vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, and antioxidants. All excellent additions used to repair the body naturally. Athletes find that drinking Yerba Mate regularly boosts performance and who doesn’t need that on mile two on the treadmill?! The Evening blend is also jam packed with healthy ingredients. Organic rose petals have been used for thousands of years in Persia as beauty aids, while green tea is known to lower cholesterol and in conjunction, the Daytime and Evening can impact depression, weight loss, and motivation.

6. Weight Loss: One of the best perks of regularly drinking Mate is that in countries where it is most popular such as Uruguay and Argentina, it’s used as a weight loss supplement. In addition to healthy eating and regular exercise, Yerba Mate can curb cravings, level out energy, in many people reduces bloat, and helps metabolize fat faster and more efficiently. Now, the world is catching on and Yerba Mate is becoming popular in Europe and America as a safe way to supplement a weight loss regime.

7. It works with your schedule: Our lifestyles are incredibly busy these days, and doing a detox that puts a monkey wrench in your routine just isn’t an option for some people. A Teatox is easy to integrate into your daily life. Simply one cup in the morning, and one cup before bedtime, and with consistency you can get the results you want!

What reasons do you love your teatox? Share below, we'd love to hear!

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