7 Natural Remedies for THAT Time of the Month

9 Natural Remedies for your period PMS cramps tease tea 


Ladies, it’s that time again! Aunt Flo shows up just in time for that beach vacation, a hot date, or an extra busy work week at the office. No matter when it is, it always seems to be just the wrong moment. Here, we have five all natural ways to boost energy, feel beautiful, and pamper your way through your period.

  1. HEAT! Some of the worst cramps can be calmed with a hot water bottle or a heating pad. Crank it up to high and lay the heating pad on your tummy, soon you’ll feel more relaxed and your body will thank you. You’ll be giggling your way through rom coms in no time.
  2. Natural Herbs Chamomile tea, red raspberries, fresh or dried ginger in a tea, lemon balm, and a few pieces of dark chocolate might do the trick! Chamomile is a natural stress remedy while fresh or dried red raspberries and ginger are nature’s best kept secret to fighting nausea, fatigue, cramping and PMS symptoms. Lemon balm is another gentle way to ease pain and discomfort. Our blend It's That Time is so magical, you'll think it's made of unicorn tears. PMS tea it's that time by Tease Tea 
  3. Bubble Bath Lavender is an effective stress reliever and combined with the heat of a hot bubble bath, it will melt the day away. Lavender essential is famous for it’s mood uplift, zen out, total relaxation. Dash a little baby oil in the bath and your skin will be moisturized and smelling amazing. We particularly can't get enough of Bathorium's Eucalyptus CRUSH (bath soak). Using the purest form of eucalyptus, peppermint and tea tree oils this gem truly penetrates deep within the muscle tissue, leaving your whole body in complete euphoria. Bonus: They are cornstarch free which is great for sensitive skin. bathorium crush
  4. Mani Pedi! Go ahead and get that pedicure, after all our bodies are connected through reflexology. Acupressure, which is pressing gently but firmly on certain key pressure points in your hands and feet, is thought by many to be great for your body. When we get our nails done, often it comes with a mini massage! Not only that, but having a great set of nails makes any woman feel like a babe.  
  5. Yoga Exercise is another effective way to relieve the symptoms of PMS. The stretching and bending will allow our muscles to release tension and get the blood flowing throughout our circulation system. Plus, what better way to unwind than a meditation and yoga session that leaves you feeling light and centered.
  6. Yerba Mate and Green Tea These teas are known to reduce bloating and boost energy. Yerba Mate is a tea like plant that comes from Argentina and Uruguay and is popular in south American culture. North Americans are adopting the trend because of the numerous health benefits including boosted metabolism and extended focus. Caffeine is known to help with cramps and energy. Blends like Skinny in the City and a Matcha Made in Heaven will give you the ultimate energy, metabolism and focus boost.
  7. Face Masks Hormones mess with our skin and hair, why not add a face mask to that delightful bubble bath? They’re simple and can be made from ingredients in your kitchen! Mix 2 tablespoons of honey with 1 teaspoon cinnamon, make a paste and spot treat tough areas that are breaking out. Leave on for 15 minutes, rinse, and moisturize well with a nightcream.

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    It’s That Time is ALWAYS my go-to; it’s such a lovely soothing blend, I don’t remember how I got by without it

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