7 Benefits of Drinking Herbal Tea: Guest Blog Post

Tea is good and herbal tea is better. Tea isn't something that is peculiar to people of a particular race or origin. Almost everybody (regardless of skin colour or geographical background) consume this liquid. In fact, for some people, a cup of tea is the best way to start their day.

This beverage is made by pouring hot water into cured leaves inside a cup. Tea is the most popular drink in the world, and it is widely believed that its root can be traced to Asia. Different people have different reasons for taking tea. For some, it could be to shake off a cold or to cool off on a sunny day since tea can either be served hot or cold. Another thing to note is that there are various variants of tea with the green tea, black tea, and oolong tea being the most popular.

Tea that is not meant to serve as an herb is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant while herbal tea is produced by infusing other parts of the plant. In this article, we will be discussing in details some of the many benefits of herbal tea and how it can positively influence our health as humans.

Top Benefits of Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is packed with loads of medicinal benefits. In fact, you will be shocked to know that some of the nutritional contents you have been craving for are embedded in herbal tea. Here are some of the benefits of drinking herbal tea.

1. It acts as a stress buster

Stress is a silent killer. There is a whole lot of stress involved in combining work and family duties. Different people have different ways of overcoming stress and taking herbal tea is one of such. Tea can help calm the nerves after a stressful day and help you recover lost energy in no time.

2. Herbal tea may help with weight loss

The issue of weight loss is a big one. Being overweight means, you are prone to several sicknesses and diseases. Usually, it is agreed that when your BMI exceeds 30, there could be a problem. In fact, every human being should draw up an effective weight loss plan. This will help you monitor your weight loss progress and keep proper records of your BMI from time to time. If you have been visiting the gym consistently in a bid to shed excess body fat, you should consider taking herbal tea as well. It works like magic.


3. Better kidney health

It is already known that the kidney filters blood and produces urine. However, it is not uncommon to hear of people with failed or failing kidney. This has increased the need for kidney care. Herbal tea has good antioxidizing and detoxifying properties, and this means it can help to eliminate toxic substances from the human body.

4. It boosts the immune system

Herbal teas have antiinflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial properties that help retain the strength of the immune system after an injury or illness. Herbal tea works by reinforcing immune cells and improving their ability to counter diseases and infections.

5. Herbal tea may soothe the digestive system

Herbal tea helps provide an effective solution for irritable bowel syndrome and other similar digestive issues. Hence, to help your digestive system and for soothing relief from a digestive disorder, herbal tea (especially chamomile) can be very helpful.

6. Anti-aging

Everybody wants to look young, fresh and youthful. Some people complain bitterly about looking older than their age. Although many factors cause this, it can equally be controlled and managed. Although adequate rest, a healthy diet and regular exercise are some of the more common anti-aging techniques, drinking herbal tea can also help for the same purpose. Therefore, if you aspire to look very young, include herbal tea in your diet.

7. It makes your bone stronger

Herbal tea (moringa tea) contains an appreciable amount of calcium, iron, as well as vitamins A and K which are needed for the formation of strong bones. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to take more of this herbal tea if you are concerned about the strength of your bones.


Author Bio: Michael Morelli, founder of Morellifit, Michael has always been involved in fitness (and believe it or not was once even a very competent magician). You can learn more about Morelli's work here! 

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