6 Amazing Benefits of Lemongrass You Never Knew

Lemongrass Tea


Lemongrass has been used for centuries in many countries as perfume, oil, and our favorite, for tea! We love it so much here are six of the best ways to use Lemongrass in and out of the home.


  1. Relieves Headaches- Feeling fuzzy? Brain aching from staring at a computer screen far too long? Trying to recover from a fun night out last night? Lemongrass has the answer! Perfect for getting rid of pesky headaches, it can be drank as a tisane alone, or blended into delicious teas! Lemongrass is used to ease pain, tension, and have a aromatic healing quality when used in an air diffuser.
  2. Helps an Upset Tummy and Digestion- Eat too many tacos at lunch? We feel you. Whip up some lemongrass tea blend and after a cup or two, you’ll be in ship shape!
  3. Natural Germ Killer- Hey natural moms out there, wanna make a sweet disinfectant for your kitchen minus all the nasty chemicals in cleaning supplies? Lemongrass to the rescue! Blend in essential oils to any natural recipe for extra nice smelling germ killer for home and office.
  4. Acts as an Astringent- Skin problems? No problem! Lemongrass is a fantastic astringent and skin brightener. Toners are meant to restore the ph balance in your skin after washing and minimize the size of pores. Lemongrass mixed with honey and tea tree oils makes for an excellent toner and face mask.
  5. Reduces Fever- Nothing is better when sick than a lemongrass tea. Fresh or dried lemongrass boiled with hot water for 10 minutes and then strained not only tastes delicious but significantly helps recovery from cold and flu.
  6. Boosts Energy- Especially blended with green tea or our favorite, Yerba Mate in our Skinny and the City blend, it has amazing energizing effects! Lemongrass is an excellent blending ingredient and along with the green teas and mates, will keep you focused all day!


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